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How do you fix d3dx9_43.dll error?

DLL errors are very common. An error called d3dx9_43.dll occurs when the computer is overloaded with too much data and certain files become broken or go missing. This error code can usually be seen while starting advanced graphic programs or some video games. It is mostly a Microsoft DirectX related error and often pops up on screens of frequent video game players. For a person who has little knowledge about the best software in the market, how to solve d3dx9_43 dll can be very challenging.

It can be difficult to run game programs

According to computer engineer, Scurfield from British Columbia could not understand how d3dx9_43.dll error could be solved. She tried to install games like PES 2017, World Of Tanks and Call of Duty 4. After the installation process was over, the program couldn't start and she got the message, d3dx9_43 dll seemed to be missing from the computer, so she download d3dx9_43.dll from the web, but the program still couldn't start. She was also not being able to download games above 64 bit. Helene tried a lot of things like running the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer, changing the video card, checking the graphic card, and carrying out an anti-virus scan also did not help her get rid of this error. While running these games, she would sometime also get a C:\Users\ AppData\Local\ Temp\IXP000.TMP\ dxsetup.exe, Reason: Windows_ system32\advpack.dll error, which she was totally confused about.

How error d3dx9_43.dll can sabotage game programs can be extremely confusing to understand. James from Las Vegas recently purchased the game Call of Duty: Black Ops from an online website. The installation was a success, but whenever he tried to load the game, he would get a message saying d3dx9_43 dll was incompatible with his Operating system. He had recently updated his software to Windows 10 64 bit. He tried a lot of things like reinstalling the game, reinstalling DirectX, checking for DX updates, etc, but nothing seemed to fix this problem. Apart from all this, he also tried to type regsvr32 d3dx9_43.dll in Command Prompt (CMD), but all his efforts went in vain. Daniel was still getting an error message saying, there was a possible incompatibility between his game and PC.

Manual solutions don't tend to work

Sometimes it can be very annoying when dead links and constant redirects are present while searching answers on how to fix d3dx9_43 dll error. Mauris is an engineer from Netherlands, he wanted to play the game Skyrim through mod manager, but he couldn't play it. Whenever he would start the game, he was greeted with the error message saying, d3dx9_43.dll missing. He tried tons of solutions such as updating DirectX runtime, downloading the DLL to the System32 folder and trying to address this problem through reinstalling the game, but all his efforts went to vain.

Being a software developer even could not help Lee from Ontario to fix this error. She had purchased a brand new Win7 laptop and bought games like Black Ops and Football Manager 2011. She successfully installed these games, but when she tried to start it, Tracy got an error message saying the program could not start because certain DLL files were missing from her laptop. She tried a lot of methods to fix this error, like uninstalling then reinstalling the games and reinstalling the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Microsoft, but nothing seemed to work. Instead, Tracy got another internal error message saying 04/25/10 09:39:47: DX Setup: Command Line: /silent, please refer to DXError.log and DirectX.log. Turning off the anti-virus also served no purpose in getting rid of this error.

Expensive games also tend to malfunction

Nothing can be more annoying than paying loads of money for a new game and then being disappointed that it fails to launch on the PC. Greg from South Africa faced similar issues. He tried to play Football Manager 2010. The installation was a success, but when he tried to run the program, he received an error message saying the program could not run because d3dx9_43 dll was not found. He tried a number of fixes, such as updating the latest version of DirectX and running a Sfc/scannow, though these options did not seem to work. Greg was utterly frustrated and was confused that how could one solve d3dx9_43.dll issue.

According to Silverado, an aeronautic engineer, solving game related errors took a huge part of his time. When he tried to play the game, 'World of Warships', he got an error code that said d3dx9_43 dll is missing. He tried to solve this error by downloading DirectX but it just gave the command that, internal error had occurred and you should refer to DirectX.log and DXError.log in the Windows folder. Falex was facing this issue due to file corruption in his system. Though running Sfc/scannow did not help him get rid of this error.

Is there a fix for this error?

It is advisable to download and install the Dll Suite program to get rid of all the above DLL errors and make life much easier.

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