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The computer users can use DLL Suite to resolve DLL file not found error in various Windows operating system.

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How missing DLL can affect the computer system

.dll error might appear on one's computer screen anytime, while playing games, using or installing certain programs, during Windows star-up and shuts down, and even during a Windows installation. DLL error generally happens in computer due to corrupt DLL or if DLL file is missing from the system. The error can occur in any Windows PC. Let us discuss about some common DLL errors and find the ways to troubleshoot the problem.

Unable to open Adobe suit program due to missing dll

Missing DLL can hamper proper functioning of some applications and program in the PC. Similar issue was faced by a user named Molly in her Windows 10 PC. She says that ever since she installed Windows 10, she is not able to open Adobe suite programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. Whenever she tries, she gets an error message saying that msvcp110 DLL is missing from the computer. To fix the issue she downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

However it solved her issue but only temporarily. She started having same issue after few days. To fix the DLL missing issue permanently, users can download DLL file fixer.

DLL not found after restart

Sometimes users can find that some DLL files are missing from the PC after restart. A user named Stevenson from Texas faced something similar in his Windows XP PC. He says that every time after Windows start up, he finds that particular .dll files are missing from the PC. The problem occurs on PC running on Windows 7 Home Pro 64bits. The problem started after 'Super anti spyware' removed two Google Earth files mistaking them to be a Trojan. To fix the problem, he carried out substantial checks for infections and reloaded Google Earth in his PC.

The program worked fine but after restarting the PC, Google Earth failed to run and an error message showed that some .dll file is missing. The user can install DLL fix software and download missing DLL files.

Error due to missing DLL in Windows 7

Due to certain missing DLL files users can face trouble in running some programs and applications. A user named Allan faced similar issue in his Windows 7 PC. He says that due to missing DLL files certain programs are no longer running in his PC. He tried uninstalling and reinstalling all .Net Frameworks and also tried a clean boot using misconfig but nothing helped solve the issue. The Windows Media Centre won't start and every time it comes up with the same error message. He ran sfc /scannow and it showed that there is one corrupt file that could not be repaired and some DLL was not found as well.

He tried to check for Windows Media updates in command prompt but got no response.

Ways to resolve the issue

If the DLL files are missing from the PC then users can download DLL Suite in their system to resolve the issue. This software can replace the corrupt DLL file and download the missing one. This is a great tool solve all DLL related errors.

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