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If you want to know how to fix kernel32 dll errors, then you will have to use DLL Suite.

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How to choose a good fix for kernel32.dll issues?

Do you have to deal with kernel32.dll issues? Want to know more about the issues? Then please read on. The file is in charge of the operations such as input output and memory management. This file is loaded while you are starting Windows. However, sometimes this file may cause some issues in the system. You may see that you are not able to uninstall some programs from the system. You may also see that some programs are crashing because of some issues in this file. Such types of issues have been discussed in this article.

Error in playing games:

You may have to encounter some issues while trying to play any games such as Call of Duty Black Ops 2. You may see that you are not able to load the game while you are using it on Windows 8 PC. When you check the Event Viewer from the start menu of the system, you may find the exact details of the issue. The Event Viewer might show that the faulting application name is t6sp.exe and the faulting module name is kernel32 dll.

In order to know how to fix kernel32.dll error, you may run the System File Checker scan. You will have to type cmd on the start menu, right click on it and select run as administrator. After this, you will have to type SFC/ scannow and then press enter. This process may or may not be helpful and you may try to reinstall the game to get rid of the issue.

Errors in Microsoft Office:

An issue may show up while you are trying to install Microsoft Office 2013 on your Dell Vostro laptop. You may see the message that may state the procedure entry point kernel32 dll was not found in the dynamic link library. This issue may show up while you are using Windows Vista on your system along with Internet Explorer 9. Such an issue may appear when the Microsoft Office suite is not compatible with the version of the operating system. It may also appear due to some corruption in the suite that you are trying to download. In order to provide the answer to the question how to resolve kernel32.dll issues, you may have to use a tool.

While using the system, you may see that some applications such as Microsoft Office Word are crashing while you are trying to start them. This issue may show up after you have installed some updates such as KB3081424 on the system. You may not be able to open any programs of the Microsoft Office suite. The details of the issue may show that the faulting module is StackHash_2264 and the faulting application name is winword.exe. The details may also show the module kernel32 dll. In order to search for the answer for the question how to stop kernel32.dll issues, you may remove the entire suite and then reinstall it. However, still the issues may show.

Internet Explorer freeze:

You may see that the browser Internet Explorer is freezing while you are trying to use it. The error signature might show that the faulting module is kernel32 dll and the faulting module is iexplorer.exe. You may also see the message Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error library runtime error. After the occurrence of these issues, you may see that the computer has become slow. This issue might show up on Windows XP operating system. You can reset the Internet Explorer settings by using Microsoft FixIt. in order to find the answer to how to eliminate dll kernel32 errors, you may try to disable the add-ons on the browser. It might fix the issue.

Severe blue screen error:

The blue screen of death is the event where the screen of the computer turns blue and displays an error message. This issue may take place while you are playing any games such as Minecraft. You may see that this issue has been caused by the file kernel32.dll. This type of issue may appear on a Windows 7 64 bit system. The blue screen of death can take place because of some corruption in the system files. The answer to how to solve kernel32 dll issues may lie in using an appropriate tool.

The best troubleshooting method you can choose:

One of the best way to eradicate the issues with kernel32.dll is by using a tool. Such a tool that is reliable as well as effective. You can install and use DLL Suite by VSKsoft for this purpose. This tool will replace the missing and corrupted files from the system. It may also fix some other issues of Windows such as startup issues.

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