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To cope with the trouble caused by DLL missing files, a person must take help of the devoted DLL Suite software.

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How to deal with DLL is missing

DLL files are necessary to run various programs on a computer system. Some DLL files are used by more than one application. .dll missing files can cause a lot of issues that can hamper the smooth running of any program. Applications stop when a DLL file is required but it is not there. There are endless DLL files in a system. Many DLL files are very important as they include a huge number of vital Windows functions.

.dll is the extension for the DLL files. The following article will explain what kind of problems may appear if some DLL files are not found.

Missing DLL files L1-1-0.DLL:

A person who has Windows 7 may want to install a Windows Update when required. But after installing the update, the person may find out that he cannot run his computer anymore. The moment he starts Windows 7, he will get a DLL missing message that says the L1-1-0.DLL file is missing. It will not restrict the person from logging into his system, but it will not let him work at all. The screen of the machine will turn black.

He may try to run a System Restore. But most likely he will not be able to do that. He may be prompted that system Restore cannot be done as the restore point has some issue in the registry. There is only one way that may get the person out of this situation. He may try to make a clean installation of Windows 7 once more. But this method is not a foolproof way.

Problem in Linksys Wireless-G Music Bridge:

Linksys Wireless-G Music Bridge is a wireless network audio receiver. It helps a person to stream any audio files from the PC. One may listen to the music files in the home stereo system that is connected to the computer via a wireless or a wired home network.

Now, if someone is trying to run Linksys Music Bridge WMB54G on his Windows XP, then he may not have any complaint with it. But as soon as he upgrades his computer from Windows XP to Windows 7 Professional, he may be unable to stream the music files through the audio driver. He may get the error missing CmAudioW.DLL. He may also be instructed to reinstall the program so that he can run is again. But in spite of reinstalling the program, the same error may still appear.

Unable to install Windows Updates:

Windows Updates are released on regular basis. One is informed about an available update. One has to install the update from the original website. Now, in the process of installing an update, one may see that the system is failing to install a certain update. When the root is discovered it is seen that the missing sqmapi.dll is hindering the installation of Windows Update. This may be seen by someone using Windows 7.

To remove the error, one may try to run System File Checker tool. One may also download and run CheckSUR, the System Update Readiness Tool to find out that there are no system packages that are damaged. At times following these steps may resolve the issue. But mostly the trouble does not go away with these manual recovery processes.

Programs fail to start:

Unlike the previous example where one is not being able to install an update in some cases, it can be seen that one gets an error after installation of Windows update. After installing a certain update on Windows 7 one may not be able to run some specific programs. When the programs are tried to be launched one may get an error message. The message says that the missing MSVCP71.DLL is stopping the application from starting.

If somehow the MSVCP71.DLL file has been removed or corrupted, the error will show up. In certain instances, the lack of such file may indicate Registry troubles or a virus or malware issue. Running SFC scan may not be helpful as this tool helps to heal minor difficulties that are seen on a system. However, it cannot resolve a problem where a DLL file is not found.

Solving the complications:

If one has to experience any error occurring on his system, one may become confused. If the error occurs, again and again, one may get annoyed with it. But there is a simple tool that can help someone who is in trouble with his computer. One requires installing the DLL Suite tool that eliminates the issues caused by DLL missing entry point. It also prevents such issues from happening again.

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