Kernel32 dll is missing

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How to deal with Kernel32.DLL not found error

A troubleshooting guide to fix Kernel32 DLL was not found error

Are error messages related to Kernel32.dll annoying you while starting your PC or any application? Do you come across with different issues that are related to Kernel32.dll? Then without any delay, it is suggested to fix it as soon as possible. In this article you are going to find a thorough discussion on one of the common error message Kernel32.dll was not found and the ways to resolve it.

The Kernel32 dll not found error message generally appears when any Windows user tries to start his computer system or during opening a new program. One may also come across with this error pop-up, when a program is running, when a program is closed or nearly at any time, during a Windows session.

Roots of this errors

As varied as the messages that come across with this error, so are the roots or causes behind this error. One can come across with the error message Kernel32 dll was not found, when any Kernel32.dll is missing or corrupt. This takes place if your PC is experiencing invalid or corrupted registry files, outdated Kernel32.dll file or even infected Windows files by spyware, malware or virus.

Common complaints with the error

There are different forums that faces varied customer complaints that are related to the error message Kernel32.dll not found. Some of those complaints are mentioned below.

PC Power off issue - This is one of the crucial issue, that Patrick, a Windows user had to confront. His PC was not turning off, even after using the normal method of shutting it down. While trying to shut down the PC, he had to face the error message. He tried his level best by contacting customer support individuals and different forums. But all his effort turned futile.

Issue on Vista Home Premium - Brendan, the other Windows users faced with a completely different type of issue than the above. Every time, while trying to install his copy of his licensed Office 365, he finds the same error message saying that the procedure entry points SetWaitableTimerEx could not be located in the Dynamic Link Library Kernel32.dll.

Issue in running any program - In words of another users, while trying to run any program, he finds repetitive error message prompting that the procedure entry point AddAtomW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL along with the error .

Ways to fix Kernel32 not found error

Here are some of the hands-on activities that you might utilize, if you come across with any of the above mentioned issues or others related to the error.

Restart your PC - Restarting PC, can assist you in getting rid of the error.

Reinstall program - While trying to open any program, if you are facing the same error message, then reinstall that particular program.

Run a virus scan - This error even cause with infectious virus attack. Scanning the whole system might assist.

Clean windows installation - A clean Windows installation can fix this issue easily.

Still facing with the same error?

If your PC is still suffering from Kernel32 is missing error or any other related error, then without any delay install DLL Suite.

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