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To download missing dll files and repair dll problems, then you can download and use DLL Suite.

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How to do required DLL repair

A computer is an electronic machine which runs and processes information with the help of different files and applications like DLL files, SYS files, etc. A slight amount of error or technical fault in these files can cause a huge damage to the computer and make it malfunctioning. The errors in the files like the DLL need immediate repair so that the computer can work in a correct way and give desired results to the user. Here are some of the instances where the corrupt DLL files led to various issues in the computer and created difficulties for the users:

Problems in printing from Internet Explorer:

A Window 7 user has trouble printing emails and attachments from Internet Explorer 9 browser installed in his system. Every time he tries to print anything from the given application, he gets an error notification stating that an issue has occurred due to some invalid DLL file. The user tried to repair DLL problem with the suggestions of online communities. However, the solutions provided by them required some technical knowledge on DLL and the Windows, which the user did not have. So, the user could correct the errors and the computer is still error-ridden.

Issues after upgrading the motherboard:

A user has an old computer from Dell. He has recently upgraded the motherboard and the graphics card of the computer. Along with it, he upgraded the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7. After the upgrades were completed, the user played a movie on his computer to test his system. The movie played without any audio. To solve this issue, the user searched the internet and found that this problem happens when Windows Shell Common DLL is corrupted. To fix this DLL error, the user needs to manipulate the Windows Registry which if done incorrectly can damage the computer. The user did not apply the suggested remedies found on the internet because of his lack of expertise in the given field.

Error after upgrading to Windows 8.1:

A user has a laptop from Samsung. Recently he upgraded his system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. But after the upgrade, he is unable to use his laptop because it often runs into errors related to DLL. For the repair of the DLL issues, the user can download a good DLL error fix tool which will solve the error in no time.


To correct and resolve the errors relating to DLL, one of the most reliable tools present in the market is DLL Suite. This tool not only repairs the corrupt files but also re-register them in the Windows Registry. Thus, the computer always has a correct version of DLL in its system. Available in 24 different languages, the users from all over the world can use this tool with ease and correct the errors in their computer.

Thus, this tool gives an all round protection to the user from all over the world against different problems relating to the DLL.

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