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Microsoft Office 365 errors during the launch phase along with dll problems can prove to be a real pain in the neck, and this is where an effective tool such as DLL Suite could come in really useful.

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How to eliminate dll errors from the root?


If you have stumbled across this write-up, chances are you are a lot more troubled & worried about having to deal with Dll errors which are not only interfering with daily tasks, but at most times than not causing your PC to behave like one sort of a mechanical junk. "Hack and Slash" troubleshooting could be one approach which could be necessarily adopted, in order to deal effectively with similar sorts of issues. But, it demands patience and attention to detail. So, if you are not that confident about implementing such a strategy all on your own, it is best to leave the task of putting to rest similar issues to the specialized tools developed by a team of experts.

Issues during the Start Phase:

Of the different problems that can plague the PC, the most troubling ones are those which take place during the start-up or the launch phase itself. Perhaps, the reason behind making such an identical claim is that startup issues make it virtually impossible to be able to use utilities and diagnostics, in order to be able to isolate similar problems. It could prove to be a lot more annoying for you to be able to experience a scenario wherein you may find that the load process of the OS is not able to complete after performing say no less than 3 successive restarts. Dll problems remain accountable behind this sort of a fault necessarily occurring. This is an issue which can in no way get rectified even after disconnecting all the external devices (USB Drivers, printers, scanners etc.) and then booting the system in the Safe Mode with Networking.

Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing:

For no strong reasons, it often happens that Internet Explorer simply keeps closing and restarting almost in an intermittent basis. From the problem signature section, it becomes quite evident that the Exception Code and the Exception Offset associated with a similar sort of a fault remain aptly represented by the alphanumerical values as - c0000005 and 03f30f51. Even when you attempt to boot up your PC, you may have to deal with a fault message suggesting something like - "This fault occurs as because C:\Windows\System32\ieframe.dll has either not been designed to run properly on Windows or most probably it contains a pertinent form of an error". Seldom shall it be possible for you to be able to put to rest similar types of Dll errors by installing the program repeatedly with the help of the installation media. More often than not, a Windows Vista SP2 PC could experience a similar sort of an issue. There could be many causes behind this sort of a fault necessarily getting triggered such as - a virus infection, accidental deletion or corruption of a required version of a Dynamic Link Library file and any recent hardware / software modifications affected within the system.

Gaming Applications Fail to Launch:

Granny2 dll error could often make it a lot more difficult for you to be able to launch and participate in 3D online games such as - Asphalt 8: Airborne, Geometry Wars 3 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Usually, such a fault remains accompanied along with an error message stating - "The file version seems to be missing from the precise path". Even after you download & install the required edition of the dossier, you might have to come across a fault message saying something as - "The procedure entry point _ GrannyUpdateModelMatrix@16 could not be located in the dynamic link library granny2.dll". The possible manual fixes involving - installing the necessary Windows and driver updates, re-installing the application several times and cleaning the registry and optimizing the system do not prove to be even of the minimum aid in dealing with such a type of the fault.

Blue Screen Specific Issues:

As a regular system user, the last thing you would really want is having to face issues while working on your HP Pavilion 17.3" laptop loaded with Windows 10 featuring 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor and 1 TB HDD storage, isn't it? But, more often than not, while carrying out all types of normal tasks on your PC, you may have to deal with a series of blue screen errors. A fault message remains accompanied with a similar sort of an issue clearly suggesting something like - "It seems as though there is a problem while starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll as because the specified module could not be traced". Because of dll problem of similar types, it could happen that while watching YouTube videos, the screen all of a sudden turns blue and a System Service Exception occurs.


You can download & install DLL Suite on any Windows version and put to rest all those errors which have been detailed in this tech article.

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