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How to fix Kernel32.dll errors

Are you a lot bothered in having to deal with the Kernel32 DLL error message every single time while working on your system? Indeed, it could prove to be really annoying when an error in the form of a small pop-up box appears right in front of the screen every now and then. Now, it is crucial to understand that finding solutions to similar types of issues is not that a difficult task, but there are so many possible causes that pinpointing the actually culprit could indeed prove to be a tough ask. Some of the likely reasons could be the Windows DLL getting corrupted, immense build-up of junk files stored within the Windows Registry, which could often result due to faulty installation & un-installation process necessarily adopted. Perhaps; this is the singular reasons as to why; it is even more important to look around for a paid version of the tool – available for download from the website of a trusted company. Once you are able to decide upon the ultimate tool, it shall be quite easy for you to be able to put to rest the concern as how to fix errors specific to kernel32 dll file.

Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing:

This section of the write-up shall take a closer look at some of the annoying issues which could over time and again interfere with your normal system operation. The first & foremost remains explicitly related to a scenario wherein you might observe that Windows Explorer suffers from occasional crashes after irregular time gaps. After a recent upgrade to Windows 10 is necessarily made, you may find a similar sort of the issue bothering you till a considerable extent. One possible cause behind a similar type of the fault could be because of the presence of corrupted files or issues specifically related to incompatibility of a program or any application. In a similar case, running the "SFC/Scannow" command does not come in handy either and it remains associated with a faulty message saying that Windows Resource Protection could not find any integrity violations. This fault when refuses to get fixed even after repeated attempts on your part shall force you to think on the lines as how to rectify the kernel3.dll errors.

Internet Explorer Cannot Open:

While attempting to open Internet Explorer, you may have to deal with a fault message suggesting that the system DLL kernel32.dll was relocated in the memory and due to which the application may fail to run properly. One reason behind a similar sort of memory relocation problem occurring could be because the dynamic link library file was dynamically allocated memory occupied in the memory range specifically reserved for the Windows DLLs only. One of the other causes behind Internet Explorer failing to proceed with its launch process could be the kernel32.dll file remaining in an entirely corrupt state. Again, this is one such scenario when you would want to decide as how to eliminate kernel32 dll specific errors.

At times; while attempting to move forward with the installation or update process of Adobe Flash, it simply gives an error saying that the procedure entry point named as, SetDllDirectoryW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32 .dll. This is a fault which occurs both with the FF and IE versions of the Flash Installer.

Excessively High CPU Utilization Value:

Even while working in an offline mode, you may often find that the CPU utilization value reaches a maximum limit of say 40-50%. This is an issue which keeps persisting until and unless the explorer.exe process is terminated. Such a type of high CPU utilization value refuses to get addressed in any manner even after disabling all the necessary shell extensions and the offline files too. Some of the fixing approaches, which prove to be practically ineffective in addressing a similar type of the fault, include – launching the PC in the Safe Mode and checking whether the issue persists, performing an overall clean boot process in Windows and running the Microsoft Safety Scanner. When all the aforementioned fixing methods fail to benefit much, you shall be left with no other option other than to decide as how to tackle kernel32.dll errors without much of a fuss.

The purpose behind coming up with this tech write-up shall remain unfulfilled without mentioning about the fault wherein you shall find that Microsoft Windows Search Protocol has all of a sudden stopped working and was closed. This fault is more frequent on a system loaded with Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS.


If you are left frustrated in having to deal with the aforementioned types of issues regularly, simply opt for DLL Suite.

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