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To repair dll problems in the system, the users must use DLL Suite.

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How to fix dll errors for your PC?

All the applications on the system runs on the basis of some dll files. Such dll files can sometimes show an error. The users may have to encounter some error messages while using any application. Such issues and messages may also show the faulty module responsible for the error. The issues that might take place on the system have been identified and discussed in this article.

Windows Media Player issue:

A number of issues might take place on the system while using Windows Media Player. Pattinson is from America, she has dealt with such an issue. She has seen that several errors are occurring while opening the Windows Media Player 11 on a Windows Vista Toshiba laptop. According to her, the damaged file name was wmvcore.dll. The same name appeared in all the errors that cropped up on opening the application. The error message 'Windows Explorer stopped working' appeared whenever she tried to view any media associated files. To fix dll errors, she had tried to conduct a system restore to the point where no such issues were present. However, the issue was not fixed. A corruption may have affected the concerned file and therefore this issue occurred.

Microsoft Edge not working:

After upgrading to Windows 10, the users may experience some issues. A user, Lincoln is from West Indies, he has encountered this type of issue. He has seen that the browser of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is not working. According to him, the pages were not opening after he has typed the URL in the address bar. The event log on his system has shown that the faulty application is microsoftedgecp.exe and the module that is responsible for the issue is EMODEL.dll. It has also shown the exception code 0xc0000409 and the process id 0x244c. To fix dll error, he had used the System File Checker by pressing the Windows key and R together. But the issue was not resolved. Such an issue might be because of some corruption in the system.

Boot critical file is corrupt:

The system may report an error even when booting. Such an issue has been faced by Simon from Australia. He has been using a Toshiba laptop with pre-installed Windows 7 operating system. However, while turning on the system, he has found the message stating that the boot critical file CI.dll is corrupted. He was only able to operate the computer while being in safe mode. He had conducted a System Restore to repair dll problems, but the issue was not solved. He was not able to conduct the repair install since he did not possess the installation disc of the operating system. Such an issue may have been caused by the presence of a malware on his system.

Failure of Windows Explorer:

The application Windows Explorer may also report an issue while being used. The application may work for some time and then close. John from Brazil, he has faced this kind of issue. According to him, the task bar usually comes back after Windows Explorer closes, but, the start button does not work. He complained that the system was working fine when it was being started in safe mode. But, whenever he restarts the PC, it fails. He has seen that the Event Viewer from the start menu to check the issue. He had noticed the svchost failure and this failure occurred due to the module ESENT.dll. He had also received the error code 1084 from the event viewer. To repair dll problem, he used the SFC scan and the DISM scan, but they were of no use.

File missing from the system:

An issue might crop up after the system is upgraded. Timothy from Austria, he has made this change to his system. He upgraded the operating system to Windows 8.1. Soon after this he has been getting the message that logiLDA.dll is missing from the system. He has been using an HP laptop. According to him, there are no Logitech software installed on the system. Yet, such an issue appeared. To resolve dll issues, he had conducted a System Restore before the upgrade was installed. This however did not fix the issue. This error may have occurred because of virus infection. He may have to use an appropriate tool to get rid of the issue.

What needs to be done?

The issues that have been discussed in this article can occur on any machine and irrespective of the operating system used. The users must not think of throwing the computer away if different issues take place. The quickest and easiest solution is the use of a trustworthy tool such as DLL Suite. The software is effective in solving all the issues and replacing the corrupted files.

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