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When you cannot repair the dll file problems on your Windows computer, then to fix this, you can choose to download DLL Suite, the best tool in this regard.

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How to fix dll errors on the Windows PC

As the Windows computer is increasingly becoming popular in the market, user also must need to know the maintenance of the OS by fixing the dll issues on the PC. Dll files contain all information and procedures important for applications to run. While opening any software application, they need dll file associated with them to work. Even to start the PC, a dll file is needed. So, dll files are really the most important components for the computer. And the users need to fix dll errors to use the computer system smoothly. The below article will present a varied range of dll errors on the PC.

Windows Vista Start-up issue

Users of Windows Vista often get error while trying to start their Lenovo laptop. They say at the time of starting up their Windows Vista PC, they get an error message. The error message says there is a problem with CtaMon.dll file. The specified module cannot be found. They are unable to resolve this issue on their own. That is why they are looking for help. And according to experts to fix dll error, a dll file repair tool is required.

Issue with Internet Explorer

There are some other users who get problem while using Internet Explorer. They inform that they are unable to use Internet Explorer on their Windows Vista operating system. And Internet Explorer 9 is installed on the PC. Almost every time they attempt to open any web pages using Internet Explorer, they get an error message. The error message states Internet Explorer cannot display this website. And to find out the reason of this error, if they enter Event Viewer option, then they will get to know the root cause of this error. And the Event Viewer error logs shows, ieframe.dll is the faulty module and iexplorer.exe is the faulty application.

That means the mentioned dll file is corrupt on the PC. And the problem happens due to the corruption of this file. And to get rid of this issue, it is essential to repair dll problems on the PC by applying a proper dll repair tool.

Windows 7 installation error

At the time of installing Windows operating system, the system may show the dll error on the PC. Holders of Windows 7 often complain about it. They receive random error while installing Windows 7 on their HP laptop. An error message comes up on the system screen on each attempt of installing the operating system. The error message says Windows cannot copy the file autorun.dll, which is required for the installation process. The file may be corrupt or missing. It also throws the error code 0x80070241. Due to this error, the users get unable to install the operating system on the PC. In such case, they need to download the missing dll file which is needed for the installation purpose.

Unable to run Microsoft Fix It tool

While running the Microsoft Fix It tool on the PC, the system displays weird dll error. Some Windows 8 users have been coming across with this issue for long. They say they get an error message, saying the program cannot start because the rasadhlp.dll is missing from their system. This error gets generated due to the corruption of the dll file. And the dll file gets corrupted maybe for any virus or malware issues.

So, they can do only one thing that is to repair the dll file or download a new one to replace the old file. And most of the users get failed to do it manually. After all, manual process is a very tough one. So, rather they should download a tool to repair dll problem on the PC.

VLC Media Player error

The problem is associated with VLC Media Player application. And the problem happens on Windows 7 64-bits operating system. VLC Media Player is a multimedia player which helps to play most multimedia files like DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and different streaming protocols. But what if it stops functioning all of a sudden? Yes, some of the users encounter the issue while running any Audio CDs, using this application. The error message - 'wmploc.dll file is corrupt on the PC' appears while trying to play the CDs. This means the corruption of the dll file is creating such issue. So until the dll file is getting fixed, the message will continue to appear while using the application.

The fixing method

To fix all these dll related errors, the users need to download a tool called DLL Suite on the PC. It is the ideal tool to fight with all kinds of dll related issue in the PC. If the users are looking for the immediate solution for the errors, then they can download this tool on the PC.

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