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DLL errors can be troubling, and to fix them, installing a software like DLL Suite can be very helpful.

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How to fix errors caused by DLL files

Computer errors occur when some of the system files gets corrupted or deleted. Now, these issues trigger an error response from the computer in the form of an error message or error code. This error code or error message conveys information and more details regarding the error. However, it can be difficult for the user to understand such alphanumeric error codes. In fact, without having comprehensive knowledge about computers, such information is practically useless for the users. Hence this read comes forward with some example to make the average users comfortable with computer errors and understanding them. The following are some information regarding dll errors and how to fix them.

Photoshop Will Not Start

Here is a problem revolving around Photoshop CS5. Now Photoshop is a powerful image editing software used by amateurs and professionals alike. With its plethora of features and options, it can be a very handy tool to use. However, being a software, it has to succumb to problems if some core system files are missing or corrupted. For example, Photoshop CS5 uses the file qt-mt333.dll and if the file is deleted or missing then the application will not start. There have been many user reports regarding this matter. Some of these users even tried installing other image editing tools, but all of them faced issues due to the file in mention being missing. So the priority when faced with dll errors is to fix the issue, as it is obvious, the problems will only escalate.

Acrobat Reader is Not Working

Acrobat Reader is one of the most popular PDF viewing software. In fact the program is so popular that many people don't even know of any other alternatives to it. However, there have been reported DLL errors regarding the software. For example, it is common complaint that an application is not opening. This is the same with Acrobat Reader. Now the cause of the issue might be due to problem with some of the file relevant to the application. So, one way for fixing this problem is trying to uninstall and reinstall the program. However, while doing the same with Acrobat Reader, users reported getting an error message with AdobePDF.dll file. Thus to fix these type of errors, one requires dll related know-how.

OneDrive is Crashing

While using Windows OS, having OneDrive installed can be a convenient way for keeping things saved to the cloud. Primarily the program doesn't have a separate interface and basically takes the place of a folder on the PC. Now whatever files are moved to this folder, they get uploaded to the cloud for safe keepings.

Now sometimes there can be issues with OneDrive. For example, people have reported instances where their OneDrive folder appears empty. On further research, some users have discovered the problem is caused due to the application crashing. This app crash is caused due to problem with a number of dll files, but namely skydriveshell.dll. Now to get OneDrive running again, one will need to fix DLL errors quickly.

PowerPoint Will not Open

A part of Microsoft's Office Suite, Microsoft Office PowerPoint is an excellent application when it comes to creating presentation. However, just like the other applications mentioned above, this can succumb to DLL errors which needs a fixer as soon as possible. Primarily the issue starts with the Telemetry.dll file. An error message pops up when trying to open PowerPoint. Now the problem is not present with any of the other Office applications. However, the other apps might get damaged if this compromised dll file stays on the system for too long.

Cannot Load .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is a Microsoft built platform for developers to build applications and software. However, to run these .NET applications, the user needs to install the framework on their system. Hence it is evident that problems with the framework can result in problems using a variety of applications.

In fact there are hundreds of similar cases reported by users. For example, if the mscorwks.dll gores missing then a problem arises that inhibits .NET Framework from loading up. And if the framework doesn't load up, then a multitude of applications will face execution issues as well. This is the full extent of the problems that can come about from DLL errors and why a fix for these issues is necessary.

Fixing the DLL Related Problems

As stated earlier, solving problems that arises due to corruption or deletion of system files require technical know-how from the users' end. However, not all users can obtain the time or patience to educate themselves in this regard. Hence the best alternative to handle any DLL issue that pops up would be downloading a dedicated software. For example, after installing DLL Suite, users can rest assured that the software can handle mostly all the errors that can show up.

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