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If the computer is facing issues due to DLL was not found, then try to use DLL Suite.

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How to fix issues when DLL is missing

The computer is a very useful machine which can solve various errands for the user in a short time. This efficient machine can sometimes run into an error and end up having various issues related to performances. These errors are caused mostly when the DLL file is missing from the Windows Registry. These DLL files watch the computer and guide the programs to run systematically. An error in its part can cause the computer to malfunction and give improper results.

Here are some of the instances where the users faced issues due to loss of DLL files:

Missing DLL problems in running the Windows Update:

Sometimes the computer refuses to run the Windows Update and various remedies applied by the user fail to correct the error. One user named Ram from Allahabad uses an assembled computer with Windows Vistas operating system. Ram faces issues with Windows Update. The application does not run and every attempt to run it produces the 'DLL is missing' error. He tried to solve the issue with the help of Microsoft Fixit but that did not solve the problem.

DLL missing issues While Installing the game Rise of Nations:

When a DLL was not found in the computer, it can create some issues for the user while installing and running a certain program. Like in the case of Maria. Maria has a computer with Windows 8 operating system. While trying to install the game Rise of Nations, she faced issue due to missing iml32.dll file. Every time she tried to run the installation wizard for the game, her computer would produce an error saying the installation wizard is unable to run because the above mentioned DLL file is not found in the system. Maria searched the internet for a definite solution for the issue but could not find anything useful.

DLL not found problems in opening Microsoft Office Suite:

Sometimes when one application is removed from the computer, it can cause an issue for the other applications to run smoothly. Something like this happened with Amita. Amita does not use Windows Live Essentials on her computer and therefore deleted it from her system. However, after the removal, she is unable to start any of the Microsoft Office Suite applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. After searching the internet, she found that this error happens mostly when a certain .dll is missing from the computer, like the gfx.dll. To get rid of the issue, Amita needs an efficient DLL fixer which can solve the error in no time.

The remedy of the problem:

The problems of 'missing DLL files' can be corrected with the help of DLL Suite. This application fixes the corrupt DLL files and restores the lost DLL in the computer. Also, it simultaneously re-registers these files in the Windows Registry so that the new DLL can start their work without any other complications. Compatible with over 75 different operating systems, this software can run smoothly on the most number of devices without any issues.

The user just needs to download this software and it does the rest of the work for them.

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