fix rundll32.exe

To fix rundll32.exe file of the computer, users can download DLL Suite.

Download DLL Suite

How to fix rundll32.exe file issues

Rundll32 exe file is an important component for Windows operating system that is known as command line utility. This DLL file plays a role for running other dll files and on memory management too. If the computer is missing this one or the file is corrupted, the machine would get several issues. If you do not know how to fix rundll32.exe file, read this article to know about the ultimate solution.

File missing error:

In a Windows XP operating system installed computer, while scanning it using AVG antivirus, an exe file error message pops up on the screen. At the same time, the computer has issues with the preinstalled browsers. They do not open showing the same rundll32 file missing error message. You may think that the error happens because of system update installation failure. In general, it has been that only update installation cannot fix rundll32 missing error.

Similarly, in another computer running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits operating system, an error message pops up while extracting a zipped file. If the zipped file is downloaded from mail, the error takes place. The message says rundll32 file is missing from the computer. The Control Panel shows that the computer has application installed for supporting ZIP files. If this same problem happens with you, to fix rundll32.exe file you can download a tool.

File stops working:

In a computer running on Windows 8.1 operating system, similar exe file missing error appears while opening Microsoft Office Outlook 2013. While attempting to view the data properties, or to edit mails or accounts, the rundll32 file missing error message appears on the screen. In spite of reinstalling the mailing application from Programs and features, the error message appears. You may not know the process to fix rundll32.exe file but you can choose an easier solution that is a tool.

Fixing the file:

You can fix rundll32.exe file using a tool that is DLL Suite. The tool is easy for downloading and installing. You should download it from the official web page only. It can also protect the browsers.

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