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How to fix the stubborn problem with explorer.exe

Explorer.exe is also known as Windows Explorer. This module is in charge of the Start Menu, Taskbar, file manager and desktop. When there is a problem with the Windows Manager, then it can wreak havoc with the PC. However, in this article you will get to understand the issues related to explorer.exe and the best way to get rid of the problem.

Issues in Windows 7

After the installation of Microsoft Windows 7 64 bits Home Premium in the new PC, you may encounter a explorer.exe problem. For no reason the explorer shuts down and this happens in a row. This occurs at times when you will click the right button of the mouse. Run the System File Checker to resolve the issue, but it will not help. The only way to solve the problem is going to the Event Viewer from the start menu and getting to the root of the issue. As per the event viewer the explorer exe problem occurred due to the corrupted ntdll.dll file. The only way to get rid of this problem is by repairing or removing these infected dll files from the Windows registry.

Explorer crashes

When you are working with Windows 10, then you might also face issues when pinning the shortcut to the Taskbar. As it tries to launch itself, the explorer will crash and then again reload itself with an error 0xC0000374. To check the problem, the event log can be opened. The log would say that the problem is with the explorer.exe application and the faulty module is the ntdll.dll file. This problem might end up in corrupting all the other applications as well. Therefore, the issue should be resolved instantly and without delay. Running SFC/SCANNOW and Microsoft Security Essentials are a waste of time. In fact, the system would hang and the computer might become completely useless.

Issues as you play games

When you are playing the Sims 3 game in the system, you might face problem as explorer.exe randomly crashes. This problem might appear when the game is played in Windows mode. The game starts and then suddenly stops. You may be thinking how to get rid of the explorer.exe error. Well, at this point, a detailed analysis of the problem surely needs to be made. Here, the faulty application is the explorer.exe and the faulty module is msvcrt.dll file. The exception code is 0xc0000005 and the fault offset is 0x00000000000010e8. Only by fixing the faulty module will put an end to the problem. The faulty module is the infected file that is present in the registry and is responsible for this particular issue.

Cannot back up movie collection

Do you love watching movies? Then, you certainly would try to back-up some of your movie collection to use it with the Windows Media Center 7. However, some issues might crop up, as you try to click on a folder and the explorer.exe crashes. If you check the details of the application crash, then you might notice that the problem occurred with the explorer.exe and the ntdll.dll is the faulty module responsible for the cause. Trying to perform a Clean Boot to make the media center function again would not work. Uninstalling and reinstalling video drivers in Safe Mode is of no use. In fact, for some reason dump files are not created when Windows Media Center crashes.

Resolving the problem

To get rid of the explorer exe error, please install the DLL Suite. This tool is the most preferred professional software and helps in fixing a corrupted Windows registry. It also helps in curing the PC from system hangs, screen freezing and other problematic issues.

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