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In order to remove problems with the apps, you should fix DLL files by installing DLL Suite.

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How to get a fix for erroneous DLL files

Are you facing error message and codes while running applications on your computer? You must think to uninstall the application in this case. But that is not the right way to get rid of the same. You need to know which is causing problems and by repairing the same, you can resolve issues with the applications. Mostly, the erroneous DLL files corrupt the executable ones in the computer and thus the applications get affected. Therefore, you need to fix responsible DLL files to keep your application out of troubles. Beforehand, take a look at the problems which are common with the DLL files.

On the system running with the Windows 7 operating system, the problem can take place with the program of DirectX. After the installation of Mass Effect 2 or similar HD quality games in the computer, the problems may start taking place on the system with the execution of the games. The error message 'an internal system error occurred. Please to DXError.log and DirectX.log in your windows folder to determine the problem'. The faulty DLL files needs to be fixed in this case.

The default games like Solitaire, Chess and Mine Sweeper can also be affected by the supporting modules if those are corrupted in the computer. Here also you can get corrupted file errors with the DLL files. At the time of loading the games or starting the same up, the corrupted file error can come up by obstructing the game progress. You should fix the missing DLL files in order to sort this out.

After the installation of any game directly from the web, the Antivirus can block the progress of the same. The game can stop working as the antivirus may obstruct the file QT4Core.DLL stating it as an encrypted one. It is possible that the file has been infected by malware and this is the reason why it is pointed by the antivirus.

Achieving the solution

You can get rid of the problems easily and for the same you need to fix corrupted DLL files of the system. The right software like DLL Suite can be installed for the same.

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