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How to get rid of the problems with the DLL errors?

DLL files are one of the important most required for the smooth performance of the applications. Here are some of the problems faced by genuine users which can be considered as symptoms.

With the PC performances

The performance of the PC includes anything and everything which run on the same. It includes the performance of the stored applications, security software and the operating system as well. A PC performance can deteriorate due to several reasons. It can be the viruses, the programming files, the installation related problems and many more. Here are some of the instances of the same.

On the laptop of Dell Dimension 4700 Pentium 4, Evan is using Windows XP 32 bits. Everything was running fine but all of a sudden the dll problem has started taking place with the boot up of the computer. The error message with loading of the file et32usvg.dll is taking place on the system screen. The start-up repair program is not helping him as the DLL errors are responsible for the same.

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 is the system which is running Windows 10 64bits. The user of the system Patrick has complained that accessibility of the programming files has become impossible for him. The accessibility to the .exe files has been blocked by the computer showing there is some DLL problems in the computer.

Various sectors of Application crash

When any application gets crashed on the desktop, there is no way other than restarting the system. The application crash is not only capable of freezing the system, but it also can make the entire computer gets frozen and hanged up. Here are some illustrations of the crashes, when it occurs with DLL issues.

With the Visual Basic application, Paul has started getting issues with the execution of the application. The application cannot run or accessed as the error is popping up on the system screen with the oc30.dll has stopped working message. The unexpected crash with the faulting application name and faulting module name is cropping up on the display.

After upgrading the application suite with Microsoft Office 365, the problem has started appearing on the computer with Microsoft Office Outlook. Riana has stated that the Outlook is getting failed to be executed as SearchProtocolHost.exe file is damaged by MSMAPI32.DLL file and inviting message 'The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception'. The repair of the DLL error should be opted for by her to avoid the issue.

Dell XPS 12 is the system on which Windows 8.1 is running. Maria has been facing issue on her system with the execution of Google Chrome. Whenever it is tried to be opened, the Appcrash is taking place with the 'not responding' error. The error with the chrome.exe file is marked as faulty for the browser's crash but the details show that the ntdll.dll file is responsible for the corruption within the same.

When DLL files are responsible for BSOD

Blue screen of death is one of the fatal issues which come up on the system with crash. The screen turns blue in this case and the error codes pop up in white on it. There is no way other than restarting the computer from the power button to avoid the issue. Here are some problems with DLL file errors which result in BSOD.

After a quick Windows installation, the problem is taking place on the system screen with the crash on BSOD. The software WhoCrashed is showing Stewart, the owner of the PC about the faulting driver hal.dll is also popping up on the system screen. The similar DLL issue can also be the reason behind the crash.

With the game World of Warcraft, the problem has been witnessed by Persia on her computer. The game is getting paused all of a sudden and the application is getting crashed on blue screen of death. The responsible programming file for the game can be the reason behind it.

On the system running with Windows 7 64 bits, several files like ntkrnlpa.exe, ndis.sys, and halmacpi.dll have started coming as faulty in the system which are leading to BSOD. Edward has faced this issue and he has been unable to resolve the same with SFC scanning.

What is the solution?

No matter whether the problems are more troublesome than the above mentioned or not, if it is related to DLL errors, DLL Suite will be the best pick as the solution.

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