Kernel32.dll was not found

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How to handle Kernel32.dll not found error

It is quite natural for people nowadays to use a computer. It has become a part of the daily life. Sometimes there are some troubles that people have to face while using a computer. Troubles may seem hard to be recovered from, but these are actually not that complicated. There are ways through which a person can remove the problems easily.

One such problem arises when Kernel32.dll was not found. Kernel32.dll is related to memory management and input output procedures. When Kernel32.dll missing it reflects as the procedure entry point not found.

Error when launching browsers:

Some people use Windows Server 2003 operating system. These people sometimes face a problem when they try to launch any browser. The problem can take place with Chrome, Firefox and even with Internet Explorer. When they click on the browser icon they get the error that says Kernel32 missing or not found.

Cannot update Service Pack:

People, who are using Windows XP Home Edition, need to update their operating systems. But when they try to download the Service Pack they get a pop-up message. The message says that the procedure entry point could not be found in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll.

Kernel32 dll missing error on Microsoft programs:

While using programs such as Microsoft Fix It, Zune, and Windows Update troubleshooter on Windows 7, the applications may fail. The same thing happens when a person tries to update the Windows, it fails. The person gets Kernel32 dll was not found error along with Kernelbase.dll error. This may happen if the person makes a new account on Microsoft and changes the permission for Windows folder by his Admin account name. He may try to do a system restore to remove the errors. But that may not solve the problem.

Cannot install Microsoft Office 2013:

Microsoft Office is a suite of various applications. MS Office Word, MS Office Excel, MS Office OneNote, MS Office PowerPoint etc are different parts of this suite. Microsoft has come up with a lot of versions of this program.

However, some people say that they are not able to install Microsoft Office 2013 on their machines. The computers that have this problem most have Windows Vista operating system. Whenever the installation starts, it shows the error Kernel32 dll not found.

Removal of the error:

People already know that DLL files are very important for a computer. If one DLL file goes missing or becomes corrupted, it can affect more than one application. It happens because some DLL files are shared by many applications. Kernel32.dll is an important DLL file. If this goes missing then there are many problems that a person may face when using a system. To resolve the Kernel32.dll problem, people often make the mistake of downloading the missing Kernel32.dll file from any random website. But that can bring virus or malware into the PC.

If the errors continue to happen, that may cause damage to the system. The solution is to simply download a trusted Kernel32.dll repair tool that will remove the complications. DLL Suite is a recognized program that treats Kernel32 dll is missing error. It downloads the missing DLL file without harming the computer.

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