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To get rid of the troublesome Explorer exe error, one must install DLL Suite software.

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How to prevent explorer.exe problem

Explorer.exe is an executable file that includes the Start Menu, Taskbar and File Manager. It is also known as Windows Explorer. Now, sometimes, while using a computer, one may come across some errors that are Explorer exe problem.

Occasionally the errors come with error codes. There are various types of problems that may happen if an error occurs on explorer.exe file. Some of the troubles are described below.

Computers with Windows 8.1 freeze:

Someone who has recently bought a laptop does not expect it to hang at all. However, if someone has an Acer Aspire R7 with Windows 8.1 Professional installed then one may get some errors. The problems on Explorer.exe mostly occur while using Internet Explorer 11. One may experience that when one tries to switch to some program from Internet Explorer, nothing works. The tiles or icons can be clicked but nothing happens. The system just does not respond. It has to be restarted to make it work normally again.

OneDrive shortcut fails to open:

OneDrive lets someone store the files. The files are stored on cloud storage and can be attained from a Web browser. The files can also be synced to a computer. Someone at some point in time may notice that the OneDrive shortcut on the system is not working. When clicked on the icon Explorer.exe problem appears. Along with the explorer.exe error, a message comes up that says the files do not have any linked program to open with.

The files can be opened through a Web browser normally. This confirms that the files are intact and these are not causing the trouble.

Crash on opening downloads folder:

Suppose someone is using Toshiba Satellite computer that has Windows 7 Ultimate installed. Whenever one tries to open the Downloads folder, Windows Explorer crashes. One may try to run system cleanup and may also run Bitdefender antivirus. But nothing will be helpful.

Unable to rename or delete media files:

Someone who is using Windows Vista may witness a unique Explorer exe error. One may not be able to change the name of a media file or even delete the same. The same thing happens if someone tries to rename or delete a folder. One needs to restart the system every time in order to modify the files or folders. The complication is noticed only on media files such as .wma .mp3 .avi .jpg etc.

Eradicating the problem:

The most recommended solution that one may come across is to run a system restore. Restoring the system takes the system back to a state when it has been working fine. But if the restoration is not completed properly then it may lead to even bigger problems. One has to take a chance as it is not a foolproof method for removing the problem.

Only a professional explorer.exe fixer can eliminate such troubles without losing any data or causing any damage to the computer. DLL Suite is one such application that is an expert in fixing Explorer.exe errors. This appropriate tool can locate the error and take care of it accordingly.

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