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Missing kernel32.dll file can create issues during program installation; if you do not know how to fix kernel32 dll errors, don't worry, just download a DLL Suite in your PC today.

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How to put an end to kernel32.dll faults?

The kernel32 dll error might appear on your computer screen during some program installation and running some application etc. the kernel32.dll is mainly associated with memory management. Users can often get 'Invalid page found' error message on their screen if there is something wrong with kernel32 dll. Read the article to know how to fix kernel32.dll error.

Issue while installing Microsoft Office

You can face trouble in installing various programs and applications due to missing or corrupt kernel32 dll files. While trying to install Microsoft Office suite in your Windows Vista PC, you can get an error message saying that the particular procedure entry point K32GetImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL.

To fix this issue, you need to repair the corrupt DLL file if you don't know how to repair kernel32 dll problem manually, then don't worry, just download dll kernel32 file fixing tool and get rid of the issue efficiently.

Error in running certain programs

Users can get kernel32.dll error while performing certain functions in their Windows PC. Some programs might fail to open and even if some of them open, they might shut down immediately and give the same kernel32 dll fault message. Even trying various registry cleaner programs might not fix the problem.

To fix the issue users might need to reinstall the Windows. But if you don't know how to fix kernel32.dll errors manually, then just download a good kernel32 dll file fixer from a verified website.

Problem in installing GTA

While trying to install some specific games like Grand Theft Auto, users can get some error message on their screen and the installation might fail. The error message may read as, procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. Most people are complaining of having this issue in Windows XP 32 bits PC.

This kind of error message generally means that the program is looking inside kernel32 dll and trying to find a function/procedure to run. It's very easy to fix this issue by downloading a good DLL file fixer.

Issue due to missing kernel32.dll

If you accidentally happen to delete kernel32 dll file from your PC, then you can encounter various problems in your PC. There can be issue during program installation, running some application and various other issues.

Most of the times, PC has a copy of kernel32.dll file in system root. If you accidentally delete the file, then you can restore it by booting it into the Microsoft Windows Recovery console and fix the error. If by chance you couldn't locate the DLL file or you don't know how to resolve kernel32 dll issues, then you can simply download DLL file fixing tool and get rid of the issue permanently.

Internet Explorer crashes randomly in Windows 8

Windows 8 users can experience random application crash in their PC due to missing or corrupt dll files. The crash might happen randomly, the PC might run fine but Internet Explorer might hang and crash while using the application.

In the event logger you can see that all the errors are caused by kernel32 and kernel base dll. To fix the issue, you can update the application. If all the applications are already updated then you can try to repair the corrupt dll files and download the missing one.

Error while playing game call of duty

While playing certain games like call of duty in your Windows 8 PC, you can experience random application crash. The error can be caused by corrupt or missing kernel32 dll file. You can uninstall and reinstall the game and see if it runs properly. If the problem still persists then you can run system file checker scan to find and fix the corrupt file. If SFC fails to fix the issue then you can perform clean boot of the Windows.

If nothing helps get rid of the issue, then you can download dll file fixing tool and get rid of the problem permanently.

Best way to deal with the problem

If you don't know how to deal with kernel32.dll issue, then you should simply download DLL Suite in your PC. This software is the best known software and can efficiently remove the error. Apart from fixing error it can also optimize PC's performance.

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