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To stop error messages like DLL is missing from the computer, you can download and install DLL Suite in Windows OS computers.

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How to put an end to missing DLL error message?

The worst kind of error you can get in the PC is DLL missing error message. The computers running on Windows Operating System might stop working or launching applications if DLL files are corrupted. Here are some of the most common problems of the DLL files reported by people.

Application issues in PC:

Microsoft Office Word 2007 fails to work in a computer according to its functionalities. The computer is installed with Windows 7 64 bits Operating System and the error comes while printing or opening already saved documents. The graphics card update installation cannot help for fixing the error. This problem has nothing to do with the printer. On trying to open .doc files in the computer, the msptls.dll file shows an error message. The computer has no issues for opening other applications of the application suite.

In another computer, this similar kind of missing dll file error appears while playing Windows Media Player. This media player does not start in the computer showing an error message. The message says that the avrt.dll file required for running the media player is either missing or it has an error. The message being suggestive asks for reinstalling the file in the computer or to copy the same to the system32 folder. While doing so, you may also get an access denial error message.

DLL file error messages:

A Windows 8 pro 32 bits Operating System installed computer shows an error while accessing Adobe Lightroom. While accessing the application in the computer, an error message comes up mentioning the mfc100u.dll. On getting this error, you can try to install updates for Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package for recovering from the problem, because it is closely related with the DLL file. You can also try to reinstall the application in the computer for removing the problem from the machine. Generally, after reinstalling the application in the computer, another error message comes up mentioning that same path of the same DLL file does not exist.

This is another example of DLL file missing. The computer runs on Windows XP Pro 32 bits Operating System. While trying to download any music file using the Internet Explorer 9, an error message erupts on the screen. The browser is capable for opening any website, downloading images and video files. While downloading .mp3 or other audio files, the message comes up with error code 0x80004001. The message also says that the ieframe.dll module has been loaded but the dll register server has failed to work.

Other symptoms that may occur:

The Dell Vostro 1500 laptop running on Windows 10 Home 32 bits Operating System shows an error on start-up. Post the logging in screen, in normal mode a srvcli.dll error flashes on the screen. The message says that the file is not a valid win32 image. The message also says for reinstalling the application or the program file for removing the file problem from the computer.

In a computer running on Windows 8 Pro 32 bits Operating System, an error keeps on appearing on the screen mentioning the fatprox.dll error. This dll file error generally comes up while accessing the Microsoft Store or downloading applications from there. If you get the DLL file error from the Microsoft Store in your computer, you have to download a tool. This error can also be fixed by the same software used for repairing .dll missing issues.

Manual process for DLL repair:

To fix DLL missing or corrupted errors from the computer, you can try to do system restore. This process needs to create a restore point through which the machine goes to the previous good condition.

You can also use the Last Known Good Configuration for removing the error. It helps to return to go to the best condition of the machine.

You can also try to remove all the junk files and temp files from the computer. This will create more free space and you can also try for RAM optimization.

Last but not the least, you can try to use commands in the command prompt. For example, you can recall commands like sfc / scannow from System File Checker, DISM or chkdsk of Disk health check.

There is a little caution for you before proceeding for the manual process. If you are not technically sound enough, you should not use these. It may do nothing but increase more problems in the computer.

Fixing the errors:

For removing all the issues from the computer like DLL not found, you can download the missing dll files fixer - DLL Suite. This missing dll repair tool is designed for removing any kind of program file issues from the PC. Missing .dll files and related errors messages pertaining to the same now can be easily handled using this missing dll files fix tool.

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