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How to recover dll files missing error

When DLL files go missing, many people try to find the missing files first and then overwrite it, recover it or fix it (if damaged). DLL errors can cause a lot of mishaps such as screen freezing, program launching failure, applications randomly shutting down during usage, problem updating programs and system malfunction error.

Reinstallation may sometime fail

Replacing or finding missing DLL file can be very difficult. Johnson from Laramie used to face a lot of issues due to missing DLL files. She purchased a brand new PC which was installed with Windows 10, after a few months when she tried to recover some of her older excel files and open Microsoft Office, she would receive a message saying, the following program was not able to start because AppViscSubsystems64.dll was missing from the computer. She tried reinstalling the program in order to fix it, but nothing seemed to work. When Joanne tried logging into, she would get another error message which said, something went wrong and she can't be signed in at the moment. She was very annoyed when she failed to recover deleted dll files.

Trying nearly everything to recover my dll files can sometimes be very difficult for some people, like in the case of Cindy hailing from the Western part of London. Whenever she tried to drag and place the volume icon in the system tray, it gave her an alert which said that she did not have the program installed on her PC. She then realized that she had lost the DLL file sndvol.32, performing a complete system restore also did not help her to recover that file. She tried everything she possibly could like performing system scans for malicious viruses, ran the Sfc\scannow, performed clean boot in safe mode and tried uninstalling and reinstalling Windows. None of these methods helped Cindy restore missing dll file.

Important program files can be lost

When reinstallation of Windows also doesn't solve any problem, it can be very exhausting to search for other ways to fix this error. For Schwager of Montana, it was a nightmare when he lost multiple important files on his Windows XP computer. He figured out that this issue might be caused due to a malicious virus attacking his PC continuously. Being a gamer, the missing DLL files were affecting his gaming life in a severe way. Every time he attempted to play a game, out of sync sound and terrible choppiness would make him go absolutely nuts. Even after reinstalling his Windows, he would get an error message saying that his PC is out of date due to continuous installation updates.

A similar issue was faced by Mclellan of British Colombia. He tried to recover all dll files, but nothing seemed to help him. He purchased a new game few days ago, after installation, he played this game for sometime time and rebooted his computer. When he tried playing the game again the next day, to his horror, the installed game and the game files were both empty. Daniel also found out that his image files were also missing. He tried restarting Windows Explorer and rebuilt the index, but nothing seemed to help him get rid of this error. On further inspection, he performed a virus scan but no infected files were found.

Manual solutions don't seem to work

DLL files can go missing due to a variety of reasons, such as not updating Windows Service Packs for a long time, a weak anti-virus or anti-malware software, or downloading a faulty and pirated application. Beason from California was extremely frustrated when he tried to run Microsoft Fixit, but was greeted with an error message saying the program could not start because its DLL was missing from the computer. He would also get an error message showing MATSWiz.exe System Error. David tried a lot of solutions to recover Windows dll files, such as, running the Sfc scan, clean booting the system and performing the System Update Readiness Tool, DISM.

Being a software engineer could also not help James solve certain DLL errors on his system. Whenever he tried to open the pictures folder, he would get an error message saying Missing .dll C:\ProgramFiles\ WindowsLive\PhotoGallery\ WLXPhotoViewer_dll. He did not understand how his system could restrict him from performing such a straightforward and easy function. James thought that he might be getting this error due to the firewall which he had earlier turned off. He turned it on and also performed a virus scan, but was still unable to access the pictures folder.

How can DLL files be recovered?

It is easy to recover missing dll files if the Windows dll recovery tool - DLL Suite program is installed on your PC.

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