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Users can use DLL Suite to fix the error message kernel32 dll was not found or is missing from your computer.

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How to remove error message Kernel32.dll not found

Kernel32.dll file is one of the most crucial program files of the Windows operating system and this is required for running and installing applications in the PC. If the file is corrupted or missing from the computer, you may get problems on launching games, installing applications etc. On getting an Kernel32.dll error message, you need to play very carefully for fixing it. Here goes some of the most common type of ketnel32 program file issues.

Issues on application installation:

While installing Microsoft Office Home 365 in the computer, an error message pops up on the screen. The error message says that the procedure entry point is missing or it could not be located in dynamic link library file. Not updated program files can be a reason behind the message. There could be another potential reason behind this error message. If the application that you are trying to install does not the PC requirement enough, it can appear.

While trying to install two different software packages in a computer running on Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 1 operating system, an error message appears. This installation failure causes an appcrash problem event and Windows Installer stops working. The faulty application name of installation failure is MSIEXEC.EXE and the fault module is kernel32.dll. At the same appcrash event log, the exception code is 0xc000005 and the local id is 1033. Apart from all the assumed reason, if the Kernel32.dll was not found in the PC application installation failure might happen.

Application launch failure:

While launching game Shadowman, an error message pops up on the screen. The computer runs on Windows 7 64 bits operating system and the game even does not start in compatible mode. The game launch failure shows a message that is unable to load functions. While selecting the auto setting compatible mode, the same error pops up saying kernel32 is missing from the PC.

In another computer running on Windows XP Pro 32 bits operating system, an error message pops up on the screen while opening Internet Explorer 8. The browser does not open at all showing Kernel32 dll not found error message. May be you are getting this error because the said program file is genuinely missing from the PC or the registry is full of junk files. When the registry is filled up with junk files, Windows would not be able to detect the program file and the message might pop up.

File Kernel32 dll missing error message:

Dell Dimension 8600 laptop running on Windows XP Pro 32 bits operating system shows an error message while trying System Restore. The error message says that Kernel32 not found or the file is missing from the PC. This same error message also appears to go for the Last Known Good Configuration error message.

Fixing the code:

In order to remove the error message Kernel32.dll is missing, DLL SUITE may help you. This software is easy for downloading and installing in the computer. This software is available in 23 languages and can reactivate registry keys.

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