Nvlddmkm sys problem

To stay away from the nvlddmkm.sys problem of the computer, you can download and install DLL Suite.

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How to remove the nvlddmkm.sys error from PC

The Nvlddmkm sys file is an inseparable part of the operating system and this driver file corruption can lead to nvlddmkm.sys blue screen of death or system crash. Sys file missing or corruption is one of the leading reasons of BSOD where the screen turns completely blue. This kind of file is known as driver file that helps to communicate between devices and drivers. The computer screen turns completely blue when nvlddmkm.sys BSOD happens and it might get into a restart loop.

Blue screen of death in Windows 7:

While attempting to reset the display driver in the computer, a BSOD event takes place on the screen. The computer runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system and while resetting a timeout failed error message pops up on the screen. The machine has nVidia GTX 2600K display driver and reinstalling the display driver does not help for removing the problem. Driver verifier of the computer detects the corrupted file that nvlddmkm.sys.

On the other hand, after installing updates for the nvlddmkm.sys, the computer crashes on blue screen of death. The computer gets the BSOD on connecting any USB driver though the updated sys file is not connected with USB ports directly. On connecting the USB devices with the computer, the Device Manager shows a yellow mark. Later it is found that apart from the Nvlddmkm sys error, the computer has two other corrupted drivers such as security Processor Loader Driver and Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller driver.

System crash in Windows 8:

While playing a game in the computer running on Windows 8 32 bits operating system, it crashes on blue screen of death. The screen freezes first and then it crashes on blue screen of death. The bug check string of the event is DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. On getting this event, you can try to detect the corrupted driver file. If you are unable to boot the computer in normal mode because of BSOD, you can try to download a nvlddmkm.sys fix tool.

In another computer running on Windows 8 Pro 32 bits operating system, an error takes place on the screen. The computer crashes on blue screen of death while playing videos in media player. This is simply an Nvlddmkm.sys error as per driver verifier detection. While receiving such a problem in your PC, you may try to replace the display driver. For example if you have Nvidias GTX 560 SE Card, you can replace it with Nvidia GTX680M. It may help for removing blue screen of death.

BSOD in Windows 10:

While installing updates of Nvidia display driver in a computer running on Windows 10 Pro 32 bits operating system, it crashes on bluescreen. The bug check string is IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and bug check code is 0xa. This is also an Nvlddmkm sys problem that needs to be fixed.

Fixing the problem:

In order to fix Nvlddmkm.sys problem from PC, DLL Suite may help you. Rather than the manual process, it works best. This suite is available online and you should download it from the official page only. Tools downloaded from third party software can be malware bundled and therefore it can create more complications in the PC.

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