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DLL errors can prove to be a nightmare for all PC users; to repair dll files, one needs to download the DLL Suite in their PC.

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How to repair DLL errors using a simple step

There are numerous DLL files present in one's PC. DLL file helps in running certain applications and programs. The error in the PC can occur if one of these DLL files goes missing or gets corrupt. Due to dll errors, users can face various problems in their PC. They might not be able to play games, they can face issue in running some programs and applications and also face issue during Windows start-up. Missing DLL errors aren't easily fixed, but users can repair DLL free by downloading a good DLL fixer, to know more about the free dll repair software, read the article.

Missing Dll error in Windows 8.1

Due to missing DLL files, Windows 8.1 Users can face trouble in running certain applications; similar problem was faced by a user named Alex from Cincinnati. He says that several apps and programs on his Windows 8.1 Pro have stopped working and he is getting frequent error messages. While trying to open any program or files, he gets an error message saying that given dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Then he is asked to install the program again using the original installation media.

The first DLL that went missing was AcGenral.dll after that he started getting error for various other DLLs as well. Due to that several programs and Apps including Microsoft Word, Windows 8.1 store etc stopped working.

Users can repair dll files free by downloading a good free dll repair freeware from verified website.

Problem due to corrupt version.dll

Corrupt version.dll file can cause whole lot of issue in Windows PC. A user named Aria from Montgomery says that she recently installed Windows 7 on a 75GB partition of a 750GB drive.

Soon after the installation, she started facing various issues, mostly with booting, or rebooting.

When she starts up the PC and when Windows 7 loads, she gets an error message saying that the file Version.dll is missing or corrupt. Then she is asked to contact the administrator to proceed. So a totally free dll repair tool works for you.

To fix the issue manually, users can start the PC in safe mode, if the issue still persist then they can do clean boot of the PC. To repair dll online for free, users can download a good free missing dll repair tool from trusted website. So a dll scan repair free tool can work.

Missing DLLs issue in Windows 7

Missing DLL files can cause host of issue in one's PC. A user named Rebecca from Birmingham complains that her Windows 10 Pc auto downloaded Internet Explorer 9 and tried to install it. Though she already had newer version of Internet Explorer installed in her PC. However during the Internet Explorer 9 installation, some dll files got damaged. Now, whenever she tries to delete an email from Outlook, a screen comes up asking her if she wishes to save the file. The files are always HTML files. Sometimes Microsoft Outlook does not work properly, the Internet Explorer 9 opens for a second and then immediately closes, but she is asked if she wishes to save an html file. She tried to run sfc /scannow in as administrator and it informed her that files are damaged, but SFC is unable to repair them. In the app crash, she found that Ieframe.dll and mshtml.dll are the two missing files. Users can fix this issue by repairing DLL and they can repair DLL errors for free by downloading a free online dll repair software from verified site. So the best free dll repair software can work.

Windows Live mail error

Users can face issue with Windows live mail due to missing or corrupt dll files. A user named Michael from Texas complained that his email accounts froze two weeks ago. After that the only option for problem solving was to migrate to Windows Live mail. But after migrating to Windows Live mail, he found that he has lost all his data usage allotment. After few days, his Windows live mail also froze and it won't open at all. To fix the problem, he uninstalled and reinstalled the application, but when he tried to open Windows Live Mail, he got an error message saying that the program couldn't start because WLDCore.dll is missing from his computer system. He should try reinstalling the program to fix the problem. So a free Windows dll repair tool can work.

Way to solve the issue

The best way to repair DLL errors is by downloading the DLL Suite from VSKsoft. This free dll file repair software efficiently removes all errors and ensures total safety on the PC. Apart from this, it even enhances PC performance.

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