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For repairing the DLL files of the computer, you can download and install DLL Suite.

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How to repair DLL files of the computer

DLL files are the most important program files of the computer, they run behind the important applications and features. When such dll file is missing or corrupted, the PC might get lots of problems. The files locating at the system sub folder might get problems on Windows applications or third party applications. Read the full article to know more about the dll file problems and its impact on the system.

File missing error message:

Windows 10 64 bits operating system installed computer shows an error message and code while starting the PC. The message says about system error. It says that mfc120.dll is missing from the computer, that is why such error takes place on the screen. The message also says to reinstall the same program file for removing the error message but this is not certainly the way to repair DLL problems.

On the other hand, in another computer running on Windows 8 operating system, an error message pops up on AC1ST16.dll file is missing. The operating system is completely updated, since installing updates in the computer the message pops up. The same dll missing error message pops up on the screen on opening AutoCAD 2004 LT I. Later it is found that the DLL file is located in the Autodesk Shared folder but it should be in the AutoCAD exe folder.

Bad image error message:

While playing games at the same time, a computer gets two errors simultaneously. The first error message says that mscorwks.dll cannot be loaded. The message also says that the DLL file is not a valid Windows image. The next error message says about .net Framework initialization failure because of homeserverconsole.exe failure. This exe file also does not load in the computer.

Another computer running on Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bits operating system shows a bad image error message mentioning the msvcr110.dll file. While opening the Windows Media Player in the computer, the message pops up. It says the file is either not designed for running on Windows or it has an error contains. The message also says for reinstalling the file using original installer media or to contact software vendor or system administrator. This corrupted DLL repair is not possible using manual process.

Entry point missing:

While launching the Microsoft Office application suite in the computer, an dll error message appears on the screen saying the entry point is missing or not found. The mshtml.dll file is loaded but the entry point missing error message pops up on the screen. The message also says that DLL files are not registered. In that case, if the manual processes do not help for fixing the program file, to fix dll errors, only a tool can help.

Fixing the DLL file:

For eliminating DLL file problems, DLL fix software like DLL Suite may help. This suite is available online and it is one of the best tools. This is capable for removing any kind of program file error from the computer. The software is available in for all versions of the Windows operating system including 32 bits and 64 bits.

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