Kernel32.dll missing

If you are unable to fix this 'kernel32.dll is missing' issue, then downloading DLL Suite on the PC would be the right solution.

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How to repair Kernel32.dll was not found error

It is very common to get the dll file errors on the PC. Whenever any dll error occurs, it stops the general working of the system. Similarly, you may have come across the error 'kernel32.dll not found'. This dll is responsible for the memory management and also helps in handling applications. If you are facing such issues on your PC due to this obstinate error, then you can go through with this article. This article might be helpful in this regard.

Procedure entry point could not be located

Sometimes you may see that you are unable to install the update for your Windows XP operating system. Whenever you try to install Service Pack for your Windows XP operating system, an error message comes up on the system screen. The error message says DecodePointer, the procedure entry point might not be found in dynamic link library kernel32.dll. This type of error generally occurs if the kernel32 dll was not found in the system.

The same Kernel32 dll is missing error may occur if you try to install Microsoft Office 365 Home Edition in your Windows 8 operating system. In order to fix this Kernel32.dll issue, you may try to update the operating system and try to install Microsoft Office 365 Home Edition again. But this process does not help you properly. In that situation, you need to download the missing Kernel32.dll file in the system. And for that purpose, a proper tool is required which helps to download the missing file and repair 'kernel32 dll not found' issue.

Issue with Microsoft Office One Note application

Next, after upgrading Microsoft Office 2016 from Microsoft Office 2013, while trying to open Microsoft Office One Note application, it crashes instantly. Due to this issue, you cannot work on the application. And after entering the Event Viewer option from the Start Menu, you may come to know that the faulting module is Kernel32.dll and faulting application onenote.exe. That means the mentioned dll file may be corrupt or missing from the PC. And to repair this Kernel32.dll missing or corrupt error, you need to download a Kernel32.dll fixer software tool on the PC.

Unable to use Internet explorer 10

Last, the problem is on Windows 8 operating system. Internet explorer 10 is installed on the PC. But the problem is that whenever you try to use Internet Explorer, it shows an error message, which says Internet Explorer has stopped working. And the Event Viewer error logs shows that iexplore.exe is the faulty application and kernel32.dll is the faulty module. And the problem happens on the PC due to the corruption of the mentioned dynamic link library file. For that reason, it is essential to take the help of a proper dll repair tool.

How to solve the Kernel32 dll missing error?

If you are looking for the solution of 'kernel32 not found or missing' issue, then you can try to download the tool named DLL Suite on the PC. It is the best dll file fixer software tool, and not only helps to repair the corrupted dll files, but also helps to download the missing dll files. So to maintain a smooth working computer system, you can download this tool. It is very easy to use.

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