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How to repair d3dx9_43.DLL problems

Computer errors are quite common and mostly all users have encountered such issues at least once in their lifetimes. However, the reason for computer performance or errors can be due to different causes. For example, one of the most well-known reasons would be due to viruses or malware. Whereas the not so popular reason would be due to system files getting corrupted or deleted.

The computer can work thanks to a plethora of files that work in communion. Hence, if one of these files become corrupted or missing then multiple functions of the system can be affected. For the sake of understanding, here will be a focused read on how corrupted or missing d3dx9_43 dll file can cause problems. Now the file in concern is mostly related to DirectX issues and thus users who encountered problems with the file would be while using graphic intensive apps. Likely, most of the errors discussed here are with games. Further down there will also be a short and concise read on solving such problems.

Cannot Install Program

Problem Installing Chess Titans:

Sometimes installing a software can be problematic due to compatibility issues. Some versions of Windows might not support one application or the other. Hence, when faced with installation problems it is best if the user checks that the application runs for other users who uses the same OS.

The same has been done by Ariel. She has been trying to install Chess Titans on her Windows 8 DELL laptop. Now the application is known to work on the Windows 8 platform, which she has also checked and confirmed. However it is failing to install on her system and popping up a dll missing error message. Now until she learns how to solve this d3dx9_43.dll errors, she will be incapable to install the game.

Cannot reinstall AutoCAD 2014:

AutoCAD is a popular 3D modeling software which finds users from both the professional as well as amateur fields. The program is highly intuitive and users do love using it. However, Bella has reported facing issues reinstalling the software after she reportedly uninstalled it due to some undisclosed reasons.

As per her reports, she is puzzled how d3dx9_43 dll file has become corrupted all of a sudden and causing issues with the installation. Now, most likely the un-installation process faced some issues which ended up corrupting certain files on the system which is now causing the problems. Now when she is trying to reinstall the software the corrupted file is hindering the action.

Cannot Run Applications

Problem With FIFA 16:

Here is a problem posted by Daniel on with his Windows 8.1 PC. He writes about how he is facing d3dx9_43.dll problems on his system. He has been trying to play FIFA 16 as of late but failing to do so. He has an original copy of the game and was also able to play it few days before. But all of a sudden the game started showing some issues and he was unable to play it.

As per his reports, he doesn't remember of installing any new software or application prior to this problem. However, when he attempts to open the game, an error message shows up citing that d3dx9_43.dll file is missing.

Problems with Borderlands 2:

Here is another game, which like the previous one also provoked d3dx9_43.dll error message. This problem reported is from Kyle which he is facing on his Toshiba Windows 10 Laptop. He writes that his copy of Borderlands 2 is not working from the day he bought it. After completing the installation, and trying to open it, the game throws up an error message citing the mentioned dll file is missing. The error message also informed him that reinstalling the game will help to solve the issue. He did attempt to do so, but the attempt was not fruitful. He reportedly searched the internet for various tips on how to solve d3dx9_43 dll issues but nothing proved to be helpful.

Fixing These Computer Errors

When the computer is at risk of a virus or malware threat, the general line of action is downloading an antivirus. Similarly, for handling corrupted or missing file related errors, there are also dedicated software that can come in use. For example, Dll Suite can keep scan of the system to find any faulting files and then provide appropriate fixes for them. Again, since the software is monitoring the system for any faulty files, it can also safeguard the system from similar system malfunctioning.

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