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How to repair dll file errors

Many times the issues on the PC or laptop may take place if there are any infected files present on the computer system. These types of issue make a computer system static or unable to use. And this article might be helpful in this regard. The user can read the article below to know more about the symptoms of dll errors and how it may cause a line of interruptions while working on the computer.

Windows Media Player error

Many users often face errors associated with dll files. Koehler from Missouri is one of them. He has been facing a lot of issues on his Windows 7 computer. The error used to mostly occur during use any application which he does not know how to fix on his own. He adds when he tries to play any video using Windows Media Player, an error message pops up on the system screen. The message states the program cannot start because msvcr100.dll is missing from the computer. To fix this problem, he needs to try reinstalling the program.

But after reinstalling the program, the problem may not resolve on the PC. In that aspect, repair dll problem is the best method to fix this issue as the problem happens due to this file error. So he needs to apply a proper dll file repair tool on the PC.

Issue while using Microsoft Office Word

Scurlock resides in Texas often complain about the same dll file related issue. He says he encounters issues while trying to use Microsoft Office Word 2013 in his Windows 7 64 bits operating system. Whenever he tries to open the Microsoft Office Word document, it shows an error message - Microsoft Office Word has stopped working on the PC. This weird error message comes on each attempt of using the application. In such case, he should enter the Event Viewer option to find out the reason of this error. And after entering the Event Viewer option from the Start Menu, he comes to know that winword.exe is the faulty application and ntdll.dll is the faulty module. The problem happens due to the corruption of this file.

PC boot-up issue

Rollison from California, a devoted Windows Vista user encounters a problem while trying to boot her system. She cannot boot her HP laptop runs on Windows Vista OS. Every time an error comes up on the laptop screen while booting. The error message states the system cannot boot because hal.dll file is missing or corrupt which is required for the booting of the PC. And to boot up the PC properly, she needs to download the missing file or fix dll error. And for that purpose, a dll file fixer tool is essential. A proper tool can help to repair the corrupt file and also helps to download the missing file.

Unable to load Windows Defender

One definitely needs an antivirus software application in the PC. But what if it stops functioning all of a sudden? Yes, at times the application cannot work due to dll errors. Lussier from Quebec faces the same issue while using Windows Defender in her Windows 8 operating system. As soon she attempts to open the application, the system displays an error message - Windows defender can't load because mpclient.dll is missing. This dll file is necessary to run the application. Running the System File Checker to solve the problem is also not an admirable strategy. To get rid of this problem even reinstalling the program won't help. So a dll repair tool is essential to resolve this stubborn issue.

Error in Google Chrome

If any important dll file gets corrupted on the PC, then it is impossible to run any application on the system. Niki from Virginia complains about it. She says she is unable to use Google Chrome on her newly purchased Dell laptop. The laptop runs on Windows 8.1 professional operating system. Every time she tries to open this browser application, there is a pop-up Window that states it cannot locate the winhttp.dll file, which is needed to run the application.

In order to fix this issue, she may try to uninstall and reinstall the application. But this process does not help to sort out the problem properly. As she is a novice in the computer, she is unable to fix this issue. That is why a dll fix tool is required to fix this issue on the PC.

A recommended solution

Therefore, it is always recommended to download a proper dll repairing tool like DLL Suite on the PC. It can be used in all the versions of Windows operating system. So the user can go for this dll fixing tool without any second thought.

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