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How to repair kernel32.DLL issues

There are many people who face several problems related to kernel32 dll file. If you are one of them, then you must want to know how to fix kernel32.DLL errors. DLL files are used by many programs at the same time. DLL files have different types of work to do. Kernel32.dll file is related to memory management in different Windows Operating Systems.

Many a time you may have to face problems in the kernel32.dll module. The DLL file is used by several applications. As a result, you may see the error on this file while using any of these applications. Problems related to dll kernel32 are experienced by many men. Some of the troubles that are encountered in the course of using a PC are described here in the following text.

Error on Internet Explorer:

You must already know that Internet Explorer is a popular browser. It has many versions. You can install a new version on your system or you can upgrade Internet Explorer to a better and newer version. If you have upgraded or installed Internet Explorer 8 on your computer, then you may come across a kernel32.dll error.

You may see that whenever you are trying to search something on Google in Internet Explorer 8, you are receiving a message. The message says that Internet Explorer has faced a problem and should be closed. Apart from the message, it also indicates that it is a kernel32 dll related issue. The box may disappear when you cross it, but it will reappear once you try to search anything again. If you do not know how to eliminate kernel32.DLL issues, then you must be in a big trouble.

Unable to install Microsoft Office 2013:

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications. It houses some helpful and popular programs like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel etc. The Suite needs to be installed on your computer. Now, when you try to install the Microsoft Office Suite 2013 on your system that has Windows Vista, you may not be able to install the program. You may get the message that says the procedure entry point is not found in the kernel.dll file.

It may happen if there is a compatibility issue. To put it in simple words, if the MS Office suite is not compatible with the Operating System, then the error may appear.

Error while installing Viber:

Viber is an application that is free. It is an instant messaging app that has the voice messaging option. You can also send and receive image files, video and audio files. Though it is mainly an application that has been designed for Android, you can also install the program on your desktop.

Now, as you try to install the application on your system that has Windows XP installed, you may not be able to do the same. You may come across an error. You may be prompted that the procedure entry point is not being located in the kernel32.dll. You must feel confused about how to solve the issue as you may not know how to repair kernel32 DLL problems.

Windows failing to load:

Suppose you have an HP laptop that has Windows XP preinstalled. It has been running fine without any problem. But one day, you see that your system is not able to load Windows. If you run CHKDSK command, you may get an error code 0xc0000221. With the error code, you will get to know that the faulting module is kernel32.dll.

You may think of trying to do a System Restore and bring your PC to the point in time when it has been working fine. But the error keeps on occurring. Even if you try booting the machine in Safe Mode your PC may hang. To know how to solve kernel32 DLL issues, you may want to install a fixer tool that will dispose of the issues.

Getting rid of all trouble:

The troubles are of varied kinds. You may at times be asked to solve the errors manually. You may sometimes even try troubleshooting the problems after going through some online forums. Even if you succeed in solving the error temporarily, in the long run, it will actually harm your machine. You may think that issue is resolved. But in reality, you may have downloaded an outdated version of the dll kernel32 file. Consequently, the error will reappear after some days.

To get rid of any issue related to DLL files, you simply need to install an effective fixing tool. If you do not know how to fix kernel32.DLL, you need the help of the excellent DLL Suite software to deal with such circumstances.

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