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Installing a DLL Suite can save you the hassles of learning how to troubleshoot kernel32 dll errors.

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How to repair kernel32.dll file error from Windows?

A certain segment of the registry on Windows is reserved for system functions. That is, a few of the Dll files control the way the system works. These are the functions that it can carry out on its own. The user can initiate those activities but can't really control them:

Management of the memory: Some Dll files control how much of the memory is used by programs and the PC.

Interrupts: this is how software communicates with hardware and vice versa.

Output or input operations: Windows uses these protocols to detect your input and give the desired output.

A kernel32.dll activates these processes after it's loaded into reserved memory space. When you see issues with system performance, you need to see How to fix the kernel32 dll file. Discovering how to install this DLL file can prevent any error associated with it.

Errors with input or output device activity:

This dll file monitors the hardware installed to the computer like the mouse. Occasionally this device may register a kernel32.dll fault. When the right click on any program, it will crash. You may get an error message after that and won't be able to run that program again. Many input operations or commands using the mouse will end with this Dll error. This error might have been started by the Norton 2009 Internet Security program. Installing the antivirus does lead to compatibility problems with this file. You will have some concerns with How to repair this kernel32 dll. Since it's a system file, you have to be extra careful about it. Install a kernel32.dll fix tool instead of overwriting or reinstalling the file on your own. The tool is a more accurate and safer way because it can download the full Dll file.

Issues with loading the installers for programs:

The installers for all applications are loaded and run with the help of this Dll file. When installing the Office 365 suite, the system may return this error:

That some procedure entry point could not be found.

This point is stored on the Dynamic link library file called kernel32.

You can reinstall the file but the error doesn't say how that can be done.

Even if you do have spare licenses for Microsoft Office 365, the installer still won't load. After that you do what's advised and try reinstalling the file. You can copy the file onto the folder. But you have trouble with understanding How to reinstall kernel32.dll file afterwards. Apart from clean installing Windows, you don't have a lot of other troubleshooting choices!

Starting up installed software:

The kernel32 dll file is also responsible for loading installed programs, but not run them. This can be the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome Browser preinstalled on the PC. At times, when you click to load either application, you will find another variation of this Dll error. On this box, you will see:

The applications raised an unhandled exception on a third party Dll module.

This application needs to be closed.

You can close this box but the browser wont load. You will see this error being repeated when you try to reload the program. There's just one thing recommended here and that is to know How to install a new kernel32.dll. The other part is learning where this new file needs to be installed to. You won't have to bother about either step when installing a dll fixing tool.

Keep your computer clean to avoid Dll errors:

These issues take place once or after the Dll file has been corrupted. But what are the things that can corrupt the file? If you can prevent or control these smaller and very common Issues on the PC:

Browser Cache folders: each application has one and it's filled with data that you create. Things like cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks, download and history entries make up this data.

Junk on disk drives: A driver is limited when it comes to space. Unfortunately, this space gets occupied by temporary files made by Games and Microsoft Office. These files help to recover, load or save data. Once data is saved, they are never used again.

Registry errors: This looks like a long list of files and may contain errors. The problem is that they aren't visible.

This tool can help with Dll error resolution and file repair:

Such files can be corrupted and can even harbor malware too. Damage on Dll files can be reduced if these factors are monitored. If you're still wondering about ways to fix the file, install the DLL Suite to show you How to fix kernel32 dll errors. You can set up this tool on any Windows PC that has broken Dll files:

Use it to look for any DLL file error.

Conveniently download the file that you need.

Locate any DLL file from thousand of authentic Windows DLL files.

Reinstall the file correctly following the steps show on the tool.

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