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How to repair svchost.exe file problems

Svchostr.exe file is an important process of Windows operating system that holds multiple services. If this one is missing or corrupted, the computer might get issues like high CPU usage or appcrash event. Under these circumstances, it is important to know how to get rid of svchost.exe issues.

High CPU Usage:

Mr. Brown all of a sudden notices that the PC is running severely slow. Even it does not let him to boot properly. At the Task Manager, an exe file runs twelve instances causing higher CPU usage. He opens the Task Manager where the svchost.exe file runs six local instances, three network instances and three system instances. Finding his PC slow, he tries to install all updates of the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system. In spite of installing updates, he could not solve the slow PC problem.

J.W Stuart gets similar issue in his computer with this exe file in his computer. The computer runs on Windows 7 64 bits operating system and the file runs multiple processes at the Task Manager. He opens the Task Manager from Toolbar. There he finds out that svchost.exe file consumes 99% of total CPU. It makes the computer drastically slow. It takes long time for opening any application. Both of them unfortunately do not know how to remove svchost.exe multiple processes from the Task Manager though.

Appcrash error in PC:

While scanning the computer using Windows Defender, Tony Bronx gets an error on the screen. The message says that application has stopped working. This is an appcrash error. The problem event name is svchost.exe. The appcrash error log mentions the exception code that is 0xc00005. The local id is 1033. The fault module name of this problem event mentioned is ntdll.dll. He gives system file checker a chance for fixing the problem but that does not help. He opens the command prompt from Start menu for using the sfc / scannow command but no help and has no idea how to resolve svchost.exe issues from PC.

Fixing the problems:

To get rid of the problems especially when they do not know how to rectify svchost.exe issues, software installation can help.

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