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How to replace missing dll files on the computer?

A file used by the system may go missing from it. This is a typical error on the PC where the files get are damaged or can't be used because of these next factors:

If they are corrupted after being moved or changed through updates or program installation.

If some malware has managed to infect them and damaged the data on them.

If the files location has been changed by some program.

When the files are hidden automatically by the system.

Vanished, disappeared or erased, you need to get back those .dll missing files and fast! If Dll file replacement isn't done quickly, then you will see these errors on the PC. Everything from applications, system updates, boot up get altered in the worst way possible.

Desktop icons can't load if Dll files are damaged:

The desktop icons are the first things that get spoilt. That is without the right Dll file, all of the icons or shortcuts won't be displayed. You'll notice that a whole bunch of them will simply be gone. This error is one that happens suddenly and it's hard to know where they went. You can:

Check to see if you installed any program the last time you used the PC.

Remove the applications that had been installed.

Install some updates hoping that the PC will get repaired that way.

Check the antivirus activity log to see if any malware has been found.

If you still don't see any change, then you can find some other way to install those missing .dll files on Windows. You can do that without restoring the Windows system.

Trouble with saving or viewing text files:

Without the right Dll files, you won't be able to save files or view them later on. This problem may also be accompanied by files that reappear after being deleted. The documents created using Microsoft Office Word are saved to a folder. When you search for them in that specific folder, you'll see that it isn't there. You won't be able to locate it on the library either. To try to get to that file, you:

Rearrange all documents on the folder hoping that its somewhere on it.

Click on the Recently Opened documents either on the taskbar jump lists or on Office Word.

When these standard fixes don't work, then you know that there are most serious issues on the PC. Those issues will be on the registry, probably some missing Windows dll file or entry that is corrupted.

Programs won't start or work:

Lastly, applications won't load or work if Windows is missing any dll file. Many applications share Dll files. So when one file is missing, several programs stop working. For example, you may have issues with running the AVG 2015 antivirus. This antivirus in particular stops working after you install Windows 10. When you click on it, the program will return a missing file error - more specifically an msvcp110.dll file. You won't be able to repair the program or fix that file using the command prompt. Strangely, the utilities on command prompt are the only suggested certified fixes:

Starting the system file checker: The remark that follows this scan will tell you that files were found to be corrupted but couldn't be fixed.

Running the DISM check: this scan ends when it cannot run the Scan Health option because it is unknown.

Problems on the PC can contribute to file damage:

These issues are very serious ones that can occur if your system isn't optimized. What makes missing Windows .dll file errors even tougher is that they are hard to trouble shoot. A Dll file is one that you can't see. They are installed on the registry on folders and are referred to as entries. These entries can be corrupted by events that are usually found on Windows systems like:

Viruses and malware.

A lot of junk data or temporary files on the disk.

Short term data saved on application cache folders.

Registry errors like damaged, corrupted and missing entries.

This tool can repair and replace any DLL file:

A program like DLL Suite can add back any missing dll file on Windows is the right fix for such issues. Reinstalling a Dll file is the only way to remove damaged data on it. You can do that by downloading the file and installing it on the Registry. This technique requires some practice and isn't as simple as copying the file on any folder. If you can't get that right or just don't know how to reinstall a DLL file, get this tool. If you do have DLL file error, it can fix it right away. You can also install it as a safety measure too:

It actively scans for all Dll file or registry errors.

Use its database to search for files that only need to be downloaded.

Install it on any Windows computer or laptop.

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