kernel32.dll error

Get the DLL file repair tool called 'DLL Suite' if you fail to understand how to fix faulty kernel32 dll files on the computer running on Windows.

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How to resolve issues with kernel32.dll file?

You can get several problems if the file kernel32.dll gets corrupted. The most common problems with the file are mentioned here which you can consider as symptoms of the faulty files.

Faults with the Microsoft Office applications

When the application suite Microsoft Office 2013 is tried to be installed in the computer, you might get troubles with the same. The error message which might start popping up on your computer screen is 'The procedure entry point K32GetImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32 DLL'. This is manifest that the issue is with the file kernel32.dll only. But while repairing the file, you may get confused with how to fix kernel32 dll file in the computer.

The same error message can also take place on the display screen with the accessibility of the Microsoft Office applications. With Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher as well, the opening of the application and the execution of the same cannot be possible. The error message may show again the faulty file kernel32.dll which is causing the issues. If you fail to know how to resolve kernel32 dll errors, you might continue to get these errors repeatedly.

APPCRASH problems on Windows

If you have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit as the Operating system and the file kernel32.dll is corrupted in your computer, you might get problems with the APPCRASH. You might receive crash on the desktop with Steam Client, Google Chrome, Windows Explorer, Skype, QQ International Messenger and many others. While running these applications, the system might get crashed with kernel32.dll, kernelbase.dll or ntdll.dll files. If you get to know how to sort out kernel32 dll issues, you would be able to stop these Appcrash issues.

On your Windows Home Vista Basic SP1, you might receive errors with the update of Windows. The Windows Installer can be installed, and you might be using the same in the computer for installing the updates, but the problem might keep on sticking to your system if the actual faulty file cannot be repaired. You might get application crash with the Windows Installer even along with the updates. The reason can be the kernel files. The right software which knows how to repair kernel32.dll problem should be installed in this case.

The opening of League of Legends launcher can drag in several issues in the computer. The launcher can get crashed in the computer for some missing file errors. The details of the same can show that the DSetup.dll is the file which is faulty in the computer and causes all issues.

Issues with the browser - Internet Explorer

After the update of Internet Explorer, the problem may start appearing on the computer screen with the accessibility of the web pages. Whenever the web pages are tried to be opened and accessed, the application crashing may start taking place with the appcrash for faulting module kernel32 dll. The Windows can be shut down after the crash. The file kernel32.dll needs to be repaired in order to avoid the crash and run the browser without any flaw.

On the HP OJ 4500 series laptop running with the operating system Windows Vista service pack 2, you might receive problems with the installation of several updates. The Restore Point might have been chosen by you, but after the same, you might get an error message with the Internet Explorer. The error message might take place stating the Internet explorer has stopped working. You should know about how to fix kernel32 dll, otherwise no program can be run with the browser.

Location errors stating 'files could not be located' on Windows

On the operating system Windows XP Home Edition, the problem might start taking place with the update of the operating system. The error message denoting that the procedure entry point called as, Decode Pointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. Due to the update issues, the system might show iexplore.exe related issues with Entry point not found in dynamic link library of KERNEL32dll.

How to get a solution?

The file kernel32.dll is one of the most important files, which is required in the computer for running the Operating System and many default programs. In order to get rid of the problems with the kernel32 dll, the file needs to be repaired. For the repair, you can opt for the solution tool like DLL Suite which has good feedback from its customers for its services. This software very well treats all issues and keep the system safe from all faults.

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