ntoskrnl.exe is missing

If ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the computer or the file is corrupted, users can download and install DLL SUITE.

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How to resolve ntoskrnl.exe file is missing message from PC

Being integral part of Windows operating system, .exe files play a pivotal role over the computers' performance. Exe files are responsible for all important tasks of the computer and when a file is missing, you may get bulk of issues from the PC. You may get issues like ntoskrnl.exe is missing, for fixing the error, a tool can help.

File missing error message:

Windows XP Professional 32 bits operating system installed computer shows an error on booting or starting up. The start screen fails to load and the ntoskrnl.exe is missing error message pops up on the screen. The message says that Windows cannot start because the file is missing. Sometimes after installing updates or because of not installing updates, OS fails to detect the required files. On getting such an error, you can try to boot the PC using USB drive or flash drive. If the message still appears, it is something serious.

On the other hand, after upgrading the operating system to the Windows 7 operating system from Windows Vista 32 bits operating system installed computer shows an error while rebooting. The error message says ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the computer. This problem has nothing to do with the operating system upgrade. Now the question is how the file can get replaced in the computer.

Blue screen of death:

While opening Microsoft Edge in a computer running on Windows 10 operating system, it crashes on blue screen of death. The screen turns completely blue and gets into a restart loop. The error remains the same even in safe mode. If the ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the computer, it can crash on BSOD. The error string is DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE and bug check code is 0x3b. For fixing blue screen of death, you may have to use a tool in order to remove it.

Fixing the file error:

To get rid of the issues that are mentioned in this article, for example ntoskrnl.exe is missing message, DLL Suite can help. This suite is easy for downloading and installing. This is user friendly and supportive for all versions of Windows operating systems.

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