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To overcome the errors of svchost exe file from the computer, you can download DLL Suite.

Download DLL Suite

How to resolve svchost exe issues

Svchost.exe file of Windows operating system stands for Services Host. The groups of service host hold related services. In this way, one service cannot affect another one directly. If you are receiving issues on the file, that has to be fixed as soon as possible. Check the mentioned problems of the service host below.

High CPU usage:

After installing 29 updates of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits operating system, an error pops up on the screen while accessing any of the installed applications. They do not open and the computer freezes. You should check the Task Manager if there is something wrong. Sometimes, if the svchost exe file uses lots of memory at the Task Manager and uses excessive hard disk running multiple processes. You should scan the computer for malware presence getting such a problem of multiple processes. If everything comes clean, then you have to use optimizer for removing it.

In another computer, running on Windows XP Professional 64 bits operating system, an error happens to open multiple applications at the same time. The computer freezes and stops responding. At the Task Manager, the svchost exe file runs three processes and each of them loads group of services. For a quick resolution, you may try for using manual process for fixing it. But the processes do no work as well as leaves complications.

File missing error:

Toshiba L505D Satellite laptop running on Windows 10 operating system shows an error while accessing Microsoft Edge. The browser does not open showing svchost exe file missing error message on the screen. Other third party browsers though have no issues to open. For this kind of problem, you can try to do System Restore for fixing the error. You can also scan the computer using a scanner.

Fixing the file issues:

For fixing the svchost exe problem from the computer, DLL Suite can help you. The tool is easy for downloading and it can also help to defrag the registry. This is available for all versions of Windows operating system including 32 bits and 64 bits. You should download it only from the official web page.

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