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How to restore missing DLL files on Windows?

The problems of missing DLL are very serious issues. It can make your computer slow, corrupt and make the applications present in the computer behave in a faulty way. The DLL errors can make it difficult for you to use the computer in a smooth fashion. If you are wondering about how these DLL files get misplaced from the computer, then you must know that a computer is a delicate machine. An accidental mishandling of the machine can cause grave damages. Like an incorrect installation or removal of a certain application can accidentally cause corruption or loss of the DLL files.

Here are few instances where the misplaced DLL can cause various issues for your computer:

Issues with Microsoft Security Essentials:

Sometimes virus or malware causes problems in the Windows Registry which can lead to 'missing dll file please reinstall' error. These issues can even affect the antivirus installed on the computer causing them to crash often. Like if you have a computer with Windows Vista which has been infected with virus or malware, you may notice that the antivirus, like AVG installed on the computer can crash while scanning your computer. You can try with another antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials, but it too may face issues and freeze your device. Sometimes the virus present in the computer deletes important DLL files like MsCoree.Dll which can lead to the above-mentioned issues.

Error while using TeamViewer application:

DLL issues also affect the installed applications present in the computer. Every time you try to open an application like TeamViewer on your computer, with DLL problem, you may come across errors which would tell that the computer is unable to open the said software due to some changes in the DLL file. To correct the issue, you may remove and reinstall the application on your computer, but few times it does not solve the problem. In those cases, you can try a good missing dll file fixer tool to rectify the issues present on the computer.

Issues at the time of Start-up:

Occasionally during start-up, a Windows XP computer may face problems due to missing dll file error. You may notice a message on the computer screen stating that a certain arcadeweb32.dll is missing from the computer. This misplaced DLL file can be a potential threat in the future and may cause some permanent damages to the motherboard or the other important hardware of your computer.

To correct this issue, you may run the System File Checker tool on your computer and then the CHKDSK command on the command prompt. These tools are able to detect issues present on your computer and rectify them. But sometimes they fail to correct the issue.

Issues with Mozilla Thunderbird:

Email Clients like Mozilla Thunderbird can face issue while due to DLL files. A missing or corrupt DLL file can cause the email client to crash and lead to various other issues. If you look into the event viewer of the computer, you may find that ntdll.dll has been considered the faulty module. Probably this DLL file is responsible for the crash. To fix the error, you could try removing and then reinstalling the email client, or run a repair of the same. However, sometimes they fail to resolve the issue.

Unavoidable printer faults:

The issues of dll missing can also make the printer connected to the computer non-responsive. If you try to print a document through such printer, you may face problems due to it. The printer may print only half of the document, it may not print a document at all or the computer may run into an error and give back an error message stating that a certain M3Plugin.DLL could not be found on the computer. You may run the SFC command through the command prompt to rectify the issue with the printer, but in some cases, it had been found that this tool was unable to correct the issue of missing file.

A solution to deal with this issue:

To correct the above-mentioned issue, you can use the reliable DLL Suite from VSKSoft. This application can be downloaded easily from its official website. The said DLL fixer tool corrects the DLL errors by downloading the correct files from its own database. This missing dll file solution software can easily fix all faults pertaining to missing exe present in your computer with ease.

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