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How to search and find out good DLL repair tool?

There are numerous complaints on the DLL files from all over the globe for its damage prone nature. To be honest, people are unable to prevent these errors. All they can do is, knowing the issues well, getting right software and running the same so that the bad situations can be fought properly.

With the boot-up of the computer

Michael has complained on the error message which is popping up on his display screen with the start-up of the computer. The computer is running with Windows 7 Ultimate and the problem has started coming up with boot-up. The error message 'The application or SPWIZENG.DLL is not a valid Windows image' is popping up on the desktop and the system is asking him to check the same against the installation diskette. As the reason behind the same, the error with the file autorun.dll which cannot not be loaded, it is taking place. He has searched for the DLL file which can be replaced with the faulty one but failed to find it.

On the operating system Windows XP, Salina has started getting problem with the log in process. The operating system cannot be started as the log in process is getting stuck with the browseui.dll file which is unable to run properly. The error message which is popping up with the log in process states that the browseui.dll is not a valid image for the Windows. With the same, the system wants to check the system disc. In spite of putting the right username and password, the process can search dll files which are assumed to be missing from the computer.

Fault in media applications and files

On the system running with Windows 7, the problem has started taking place with the games. Charlotte has mainly got error with the game Sims 3 Late Night on her system. After the installation of the game, the start-up of the game has started getting crashed and the error message has started popping up. The problem is showing on the display with the message 'DUI70.dll is not designed to run on Windows or contains an error'. It is not designed, but when she searches for the DLL file on the Task Manager, she finds it, but inaccessible.

Harry states that he is unable to load the JPG files in his system. Whenever he tries to do the same, he is getting error message with the missing file error. For the failure in loading issue, the error details have been checked by him. He gets WLXPhotoGallery missing error with the faulty file VCOMP110.dll. The reinstallation of the file which is faulty is tried by him, but the system lacks the right software to search dll in Windows. The application PhotoGalllery has been tried to be reinstalled, but the process has failed for the missing file issue.

Annoying random crashes

The crashes are very common to be found with the programming files. When the programming files malfunction, it makes the dependent programs crash many a times. Same is happening in the system of Joseph. He has been using Skype and the problem is taking place on the computer screen while making any call. The entire application is getting crashed and the event logs are showing problems with the programming file, Skype.exe file and the ntdll.dll. He has tried to search dll free to replace the faulty one but failed.

Whenever any program is tried to be opened, Jennifer is getting issue with the comctl32.dll error. Whenever any online application is tried to be opened, or the web pages is tried to be accessed, the missing error with the file is appearing on the desktop. The default browser Internet Explorer is upgraded, and through this, she accesses the web application. She has followed that after the upgrade of the same, the problems have started coming up. She is in search for the DLL file which she can replace with the faulty one of her system.

How to deal with faulty DLL problem?

The experts suggest the users to get the right software for putting an end to the problems. But often the users are conned on by the software which are not form the authentic source. Therefore, it is better for the users to go with the reputed tool in affordable rate and install the same. DLL Suite is one of such tool which provides good service by replacing the faulty DLL files with fresh ones without affecting the installed programs.

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