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How to solve missing DLL files?

When DLL files go missing, it leads to a lot of issues that leave you in all kinds of trouble. In most of the cases, you find that you are not able to solve them with the help of the tools that you come up every now and then for free. You have to take the help of the tools that are of high quality and are exclusively developed to fix those DLL file issues. Here are a few DLL file missing errors that you come across at times.

Issues while running games

There are times when you are not able to run games like Assassins' Creed on Windows of different versions. Whenever you try to start up the games, you are frustrated by an error message. The message says the application cannot be opened as the msvcp140.dll is either missing or not found. Immediately after this error is displayed, the game crashes out and returns a black screen.

This generally happens when there is a virus or malware attack on the system, which has left the dll file either corrupted or missing. This also happens when there is a faulty installation of the game, resulting in a missing msvcp140.dll file. This is a typical DLL files missing error, you are not able to solve with the help of tools that are available free of cost. Even if you try to solve them with the help of the troubleshooting steps like uninstalling and reinstalling the games or running Windows in safe mode, the steps generally fail to make any difference. The best way to solve the issue is by using tools that are of superior quality and which are developed specifically to solve this type of problem. However, in case of a virus attack, the virus needs to be at first removed. Then the tool in question comes into play.

Missing DLL error while running Microsoft Office Excel

If you have Windows 7, you might find that you are not able to run Microsoft Office Excel 2007. As soon as you try to run it, the application starts up and immediately freezes, returning an error message. The message says Microsoft Office Excel cannot start as the msvcr80.dll file is either missing or not found.

This happens when the HKEY_CURRENT_USER gets into a conflict with the msvcr80.dll, which leaves the DLL file either corrupted or missing or overridden and resulting in this issue. Nonetheless, this very common yet frustrating .dll file missing error can only be taken care of and solved by the quality tools that are the products of the best software development companies and are qualitatively the best in business. If you try to solve issues like this with the help of the tools that are commonly available online, your efforts are likely to be futile.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 crash out due to dll issue

In some cases, you might be frustrated by your inability to start up Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 if you have Windows 8.1. The moment you attempt to access it, the application starts up and then crashes out, with a faulting module name olmapi32.dll and application name outlook.exe along with an event ID 1000.

This happens when the file path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Open Text \ DM Extensions \ 32bit \ olmapi32 .dll is broken by an external factor like a virus or malware. This is such a missing dll file error that you will not be able to solve by the average quality tools that you find free of cost. Sometimes, this also happens when there are remnants of previous version of the files, which clash with the current version, deleting it and resulting in the issue. The best way in which you will be able to solve the issue is by using the tools that are emphatically developed to take on these issues and solve them. However, you need to use the tool after you have seen off the virus.

Issues regarding Windows updates

Sometimes, you find that you are not able to install Windows updates. As soon as you try to install the updates, you are frustrated by an error message. The message says the updates cannot be installed as they are not designed to run in this version of Windows. At times, you get an error message that says the module gpkcsp.dll has failed to load.

This happens when the gpkcsp.dll file is missing from the system due to a faulty download of the updates, or when the wuauserv is using up too much of CPU. This typical .dll missing files issue or the wuauserv problem is solved with the help of specialized missing DLL file fixer tools that are developed for this purpose. You might try to solve this issue with the help of the free tools of rectification that you come across quite frequently. However, these tools fail to solve problems as complicated as this one.

So what is the way out?

If you are willing to get rid of all these issues and a handful of more DLL files missing errors, you need to turn to the tools like DLL Suite, which are not only tools of gravity but are competent enough to take on these problems and nab them perfectly.

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