Atikmdag.sys error

To remove Atikmdag sys error like BSOD in the PC, you can download DLL Suite.

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How to stop Atikmdag sys error from PC

Atikmdag sys is the display driver file of the Windows operating system installed computer and this drive file corruption can lead to fatal blue screen of death. The file is located at the system sub folder. There could be numerous possible causes of .sys file corruption, for example update installation failure, incompatible files etc. When the computer gets BSOD or system crash, the entire screen becomes blue and it gets into a restart loop.

Blue screen of death on start-up:

On start-up of a computer running on Windows 7 32 bits operating system, it crashes on blue screen of death. This problem happens in the computer after upgrading the RAM from 3 GB to 4 GB. The computer has ATI HD 4670 1GB that is the latest driver of ATI. Even the computer crashes to enter in safe mode. RAM upgrade is not the reason behind PC crash, this is the ATI driver. This driver file is corrupted and that is why the PC crashes.

In a Toshiba L40D laptop running on Windows XP Pro 64 bits operating system, BSOD event takes place constantly while starting up the computer. The computer has AMD A4-6210 APU processor and ATI Radeon R3 graphics card. Recently after installing the graphics card updates in the computer, the event starts to happen. For both of the Atikmdag sys error in the computer the bug check string is SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED.

BSOD while launching applications:

A computer running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system crashes on blue screen of death while playing games. The computer specifications are 4GB of Kingston Ram, Seagate 1.5TB Sata drive, HIS HD4890 2GB and AMB Manchester 4200 64x2. While playing games like FreeCell, it crashes on blue screen death, because the computer cannot detect the BIOS and the memory. There could be another possible reason for this crash, if the computer cannot detect the BIOS or the display driver, it may happen. If your driver verifier detects it as an Atikmdag sys error, you should do nothing but rectify the driver file.

Acer Extensa 7630G laptop has similar kind of problem while playing online games. The computer runs on Windows Vista 32 bits operating system and it crashes repeatedly on BSOD. The local id is 1058 and the bug check code is 0s7f. The bug check string is UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP. Behind this BSOD in the computer, the corrupted component is ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver from ATI Radeon family. At the same time, the computer is unable for games for example Batman Arkham City GOTY. On getting similar issues in your computer, you can download a tool for removing Atikmdag sys error.

Fixing the error:

In order to remove the Atikmdag sys error from the computer, you can download and install DLL Suite. This is the best tool that you can get for the PC problems. This is available in 26 languages and you can use it on any versions of Windows OS.

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