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For removing svchost.exe tool problems from the computer, you may use DLL Suite.

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How to stop and fix svchost.exe tool errors from PC

Svchost or Service Host is an important implementation that helps to run some of the most important services of computers. The Windows operating system installed applications and features would not perform well if this is missing or corrupted. Let's talk about some of the common svchost problems and solutions.

HP printer driver installation in a computer fails due to svchost.exe process. Microsoft Image Acquisition detects the svschost.exe tool as the responsible one for the problem. In spite of uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers multiple times in the computer, the problem does not stop. The computer seems unable to install HP drivers only, while attempting installation of new or old HP drivers, error code 39 appears on the screen. If you are getting similar issues from svchost.exe tool in your computer, you may try software for fixing.

Microsoft Security Essentials' issues:

While installing updates for the Microsoft Security Essentials in a computer running on Windows Vista 64 bits operating system, svchost.exe tool error appears and stops the update installation process. The application error message mentioning the .exe file name appears on every 10 minutes accompanied by error code 0s8007ef. While accessing the update page of the application, an access violation error message pops up on the screen.

On the other hand, another computer running on Windows 7 32 bits operating system gets an error to initiate Microsoft Security Essentials. The associated error message says that the tool is not monitoring the computer because the service has been stopped. The message also says to restart the program. This kind of error message can only pop up on the screen if there are problems with the svchost.exe tool service host in the computer. You can try for manually starting the application from the computer, but if that does not work only software can help.

Fixing the problems:

If you get issues on your system on svchost.exe tool or from other program files, DLL Suite can help out. This software is easy for downloading and installing. It is supportive for all of the versions of Windows operating system. At the same time, you can also use the software for optimizing the PC.

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