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How to stop corrupt kernel32.DLL from affecting Windows?

A computer is an efficient machine which is able to run and process a huge amount of information in a short time. But sometimes the computer is unable to do its assigned tasks due to some problems in its Registry. The issue can be due to a missing, corrupt or a non-compatible version of DLL present in the Windows Registry. One of the most common DLL issues you can face while using the computer is related to the issues of Kernel32.DLL. The error in this DLL file makes it difficult for the computer to run smoothly and in a correct way. So how to correct Kernel32.DLL issues. Read this article to know about it:

Issues in Internet Explorer:

If you have a computer with Windows 8 operating system and use Internet Explorer 10 for internet browsing, then sometimes the Internet Explorer may crash due to faulty module Kernel32 DLL. You may face an error message on your computer screen telling you that the browser has stopped working while you try to run the Internet Explorer application. You can try to solve the issue by resetting the browser to its default settings or by removing and reinstalling the browser on your computer. If this can correct the issues, then you can use the application at ease. But, if the issue is not resolved then how to solve the Kernel32.DLL error. During such cases, you need a good DLL error fixer tool to solve this issue.

Issues in Microsoft Office Outlook:

Let's assume you have a computer with Windows 7 operating system. You have set Microsoft Office Outlook as the default email client on your computer. But sometimes you may find that the application does not start on request and gives back an error code. This issue may sometimes arise when there are some problems in the Kernel32 DLL file. To solve the error you may try to disable the add-ons installed on the application but running the email client in Safe Mode, or you can run a repair on the Microsoft Office Suite. However, sometimes these fixes do not solve the issue.

Issues due to constant rebooting:

In some cases, you may face issues on continuous rebooting of the laptop. Suppose you have a laptop from Toshiba where you have recently installed an update for Windows Vistas. But after the update, the laptop continuously reboots itself. When you try to stop the reboot by pressing the F8 key, the reboot stops but on the next boot, the laptop goes into BSOD. This issue on rebooting or BSOD sometimes happen due to issue in the Kernel32.DLL file. So "how to repair Kernel32 DLL on the computer"? You can manually fix the DLL files by downloading it from any random website online, but it is better not to do that. It is because, in most of the cases, these files from the random website are themselves corrupted and can cause more damage to the computer.

Issues while Upgrading:

Sometimes you may face issues while upgrading your computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The download may come to a sudden halt and the computer may produce an error that the procedure entry point could not load the Kernel32.DLL file. If you are wondering how to remove this Kernel32 DLL issue, then you can try to run the System File Checker scan on your computer to scan for corrupt files and replace the incorrect versions with the correct one. But sometimes these scans are unable to solve the issue. During these times, you can use a DLL error fixer tool which is able to correct the issues in the DLL files.

Methods to correct the issue:

To solve the question "How to fix kernel32.DLL error?" you can use one of the most trusted kernel32.DLL fixer, The DLL Suite. This DLL error fix software can correct the incorrect Kernel32 DLL by downloading the fresh and correct copy of the DLL file from a trusted source on the internet. Also, on the side, it automatically re-registers the new DLL files on the Windows Registry. This application is specially designed for the novice users who do not know much about DLL files and Window Registry, so if you fall into that group, this application is meant for you. It is certainly a must have tool for all DLL related needs.

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