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If users are eager to recover missing DLL files, then they should install the DLL Suite software on the system as soon as possible.

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Ideal method to restore missing dll files

Recovery process of any faulty file is important for the smooth working of any operating system. When any DLL file goes missing, it could be assumed that the same has occurred due to some fatal error in the system. Due to this, it needs to be resolved at the earliest. If not rectified in the initial stages, then there are probabilities that those corrupted or missing file issue can result in other critical issue to take shape.

Microsoft Office Excel issue:

On a Windows 10 Starter system, users faced issues while accessing Microsoft Office Excel 2016. Elaborating on it, Smith from UK complained about the troubles that he had to go through while he tried to move between the spreadsheets. The application had been working in flawless condition when suddenly the problem popped up. Even after repairing Microsoft Office Suite, he was unable to fix it. According to the error message that showed up, it could be said that authzax.dll file went missing from its actual location in the system sub folder, and as a result of this, he was not able to navigate between the spreadsheets. So to recover dll files, he should install an efficient Windows dll recovery tool.

Some similar issues were faced by Steve from Washington, he was unable to start Microsoft Office Suite 2016 on a Windows XP installed system. Every time he tried to start any of the Microsoft Office programs, he was prompted with a system error message denoting that the program could not be started since AppVlsvSubsystem32.dll was missing from the system. On arriving at such a scenario, even if he tried to manually delete the office files from the system, he still did not succeed in accessing the applications. Therefore, to recover deleted dll files, he should install one Windows dll recovery software.

Start-up issue can bring in problems?

Yes, this could also be the situation that users encountered problems with the normal system start-up process. Thomson from Europe illustrated about the troubles that she faced with the Windows 7 Pro installed Acer Aspire laptop. Suddenly, she was unable to boot the system and was prompted with an error notification. It said that C:\ProgramData\getmPING.dll file path failed to load smoothly due to which the system could not be started.

The mentioned specific module was missing from the system and even after she downloaded the respective file, she failed to rectify the situation. Apart from this, she also performed a clean boot to the system and checked if the issue persisted or not. Therefore, it could be comprehended that due to a recent installation of some third party security software, the mentioned DLL file had gone missing and recovery of the same is necessary for the hassle free functioning of the PC.

Unable to print any document:

Printing process could also cause trouble to the users. Gordon from England reported in many of the tech forums to seek some help about the issue that she faced. When she tried to print any document, be it from Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Access, she was unable to complete the printing process and was prevented with an error message saying that msvcr80.dll went missing from the system. In such a situation, she tried to reinstall the HP LaserJet printer driver but still failed to recover all dll files.

Other than this, the situation could also be such that when users tried to print using a Lenovo printer, they were prevented from doing so. The situation became specific when Dawson from California was randomly experiencing error message that print spooler keeps turning off automatically. Soon after this, when he viewed through the event viewer, it was seen that spoolsv.exe became corrupted within the faulty module C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll. As a reason of this faulty module, it could be said that since the version of the ntdll.dll file had become corrupted, it resulted in the occurrence of the printing issue. As a means to recover my dll files, even after he tried to turn on the print spooler service manually, he failed.

Fetching for the ultimate solution:

So, if the users happen to encounter all the mentioned problems, then it is of utmost importance that they should install the excellent tool, DLL Suite. It can be installed in any version of operating system and without the involvement of any expertise. All the DLL and exe file related issue could be very easily dealt with using this software. Install the software quickly to protect the system from any unwanted future threats of the harmful virus or programs.

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