ntoskrnl.exe is missing

A professional DLL repair tool similar to DLL Suite is what one ought to look forward to, in order, to aptly handle ntoskrnl.exe is missing related issues.

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Identify the Possible Causes of Ntoskrnl.Exe Is Missing Errors and Determine the Fix Strategy


Regardless of the immense technological development, the universal fact remains that PCs fail and they continue to malfunction in ways that exhaust even the most patient mind. Now, prior to proceeding with any troubleshooting approach, it becomes necessary to find out if the issue remains related to the hardware or the software. This can save several hours of trial and error, because it becomes a lot easier to target the exact area of fault. To claim that there are many sorts of issues which could often creep-in because of "ntoskrnl.exe is missing" related issues shall certainly not be deviating from the topic in any way. In this context, it ought to be made clear that the ntoskrnl .exe file plays an important role in the Windows startup process, which implies that any kind of issue could most necessarily trigger Windows startup failure.

Fault Caused Due to Missing File:

Let's first focus our thought on one of the common forms of issues which might remain highlighted solely because of ntoskrnl.exe is missing related issue. When this happens, one may find that the computer experiences a sudden crash all of a sudden. After the PC is restarted, a series of fault messages gets displayed on the screen of the monitor. A pop-up appears clearly stating something like - "The operating system failed to get loaded as there are certain missing versions of files which are present". Some of the other files which when goes missing could result in a similar type of the issue getting displayed are - winload.efi and storport.sys. No matter how much of an effort is put-in, still this sort of the fault always keeps recurring often proving to be a cause for pain in the neck for a gamut of all system users.

Blue Screen Error:

In specific instances when BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) issue gets highlighted, it could get resulted because maybe ntoskrnl.exe is missing from the precise path / folder. There are many customers working on their brand new Sony Vaio laptop loaded with a genuine version of Windows 7 who often remain a lot more bothered in having to deal with such a type of the fault.


One of the best ways to tackle ntoskrnl.exe is missing issues is to load a high PR website such and VSKsoft and download an effective tool similar to DLL Suite.

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