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Install the Dll Suite sxstrace.exe tool Windows 7 for resolving any error that starts out with this Windows Process.

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Installing a sxstrace.exe tool Windows 7 helps with loading programs

Some scenarios on Windows will lead to side by side configurations errors. It usually relates to problems with operating system compatibility. More specifically, when installing a 32 bits program on a 64 bits infrastructure and vice versa. Users have a chance of getting around this error by verifying the version of Windows. The other choice that they have is to uninstall the program that isn't working. This seems alright if the error really does come down to incompatibility. Some users have seen this issue with programs that are running on the right systems. These issues were with the PC and had been fixed with an sxstrace.exe tool for Windows 7.

The Windows Side by Side error when running programs:

Cole Mitchell chose to install one sxs trace.exe tool on a Windows 7 computer. He had reinstalled this system to fix some problems on it. Next Cole had installed the Mortal Kombat game that work only for a short while. He had no issues while installing the game but on running it saw this SXS trace error. This said that the application had failed to load as some S X S configuration was incorrect. It motioned him to look up the applications event Log and apply an sxstrace.exe Command line Tool. Either option would provide him with more details on this issue.

Handling the Windows SXS error with applications:

Cole wasn't sure about what he could do. He had never seen this error before and didn't know where to find the Log or the Command Tool. There was just one fix where he had to download Redistributable Packages for Visual C++ and the .Net Framework. He knew that this wasn't the right fix for this error. Installing an sxstrace exe tool on Windows 7 was a better because he:

Didn't know how to fix this Configuration problem.

Applied the System File Checker but this Repair Service wouldn't start.

Reinstalled the game many times as well thinking it was an Installation issue.

The sxs trace exe tool for Windows 7 he ran was Dll Suite error repair tool. He was told that it was a simpler way to install files needed for the Side by Side settings. Here he wouldn't have to reinstall the Visual C++ or the .Net Framework. The tool was something that could be applied immediately, was quicker and would solve this issue. Cole didn't even know that all that had to be done was to repair Windows. Some of those existing errors probably hadn't been deleted when Windows had been clean installed. Scanning though Windows would help identify and fix them.

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