Kernel32.dll not found

If Kernel32.dll is missing from the system, then users can face various problems in their PC; they can download DLL Suite in their PC and get rid of the issue forever.

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Issues caused if Kernel32.dll was not found

Kernel32.dll is involved with memory management in Windows. Users can get 'kernel32.dll not found' error message in their PC during Windows start-up, while opening any specific programs, when any program is running, etc. Read the article to know more about Kernel32.dll errors and to know how to troubleshoot the issue.

Unable to install Microsoft Office 365 Home

Kernel32.dll based error can happen in your PC at any given point of time. It can occur during program installation, playing game, operating Windows etc. You can get the Kernel32 dll was not found error while installing Microsoft Office 365 Home edition in your Windows PC. While installing the program you will find that the installation has failed and you will get an error message saying that the 'the procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll'. This type of error can also happen if kernel32 dll not found in the computer system.

Issue in updating Windows XP service pack

While trying to update Windows XP Home Edition with service packs you can face some trouble due to kernel32 dll. When trying to do the update you can get pop up message saying that "The procedure entry point Decode Pointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll". Similar errors can occur in your PC if kernel32 missing or not found. To avoid this kind of issues from occurring up in your PC you should keep away from clearing Windows registry manually.

To fix the issue, you can run SFC. If that doesn't help then you can run check disc to check for bad sectors. After that run malewarebytes, and remove any malware it detects. If nothing helps fix the issue then you can download Kernel32.dll file fixing tool and permanently get rid of the issue.

Unable to operate any program in Windows

If kernel32 dll is missing or is corrupt then it can lead to various complications in the PC. You can face trouble in accessing any program or operating any function. Sometimes when you turn on your Windows PC, you can get a pop-up message notifying that "the procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll." The message might stay on the screen and it can forbid you to perform or operate any other program.

You can try to run sfc / scannow in command prompt but while doing that you can get a message saying that you have to run it as an administrator. The issue can be annoying if you are the administrator and still you cannot run the sfc as administrator.

Ways to fix the issue

The best way to fix kernel32.dll is missing error, users can download Dll suite. This software is compatible with all Windows PC and can get rid of the error very efficiently. It can download missing dll files and replace the corrupt one and keep the PC running smooth.

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