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Issues due to missing DLLs

The most common error a user's faces while using a computer belongs to the missing DLLs. These errors happen when one or more DLL files in the Windows Registry go missing and cause the computer to run into frequent DLL related errors. In extreme cases, these errors can even lead to BSOD where the computer crashes and the screen turns blue. These errors happen due mainly when a user deletes or overwrite a DLL file by some error. Also, this issue may arise when the computer is infected with viruses and malware. There are some other reasons which can cause this error, like:

Some damage in the DLL files.

Incorrect installation or removal of certain software.

Hardware like the motherboard going corrupt.

In the given lines, some of the instances are being discussed where the users faced issues due to loss of DLL files:

Issues in starting Skype on Lenovo laptop:

A user has a laptop from Lenovo which he uses for his personal needs. One of the applications installed in the laptop is Skype which he uses for video chatting purposes. Since yesterday, he is unable to run the Skype and the application produces the errors. A little search on the internet revealed that this error happens when the important DLL is missing from the computer. He re-installed the application on his computer to get rid of the issue. However, that did not help him much. He tried to search the online medium, for some possible solutions for the issue but could not find anything suitable.

The problem in running the Microsoft Office Suite after updating Windows:

One user has recently updated his Windows 8 operating system. After the update, he is unable to run the Microsoft Office Suite on the computer and it prompts that DLL file is missing from the computer system. The issue has affected Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint application the most. To correct the error, the user removed and then re-installed the Microsoft Office Suite from his computer several times. But that did not solve the issue. Someone suggested him to do a clean installation of the Windows as sometimes an incorrect installation of the same can cause the DLL files to get corrupt or lost. But the user did not want to do that as it will lead to loss of valuable time and data.

Issues due to virus infection:

A Windows 8 user has recently meet an error due to virus infection in his system. He is able to successfully remove the virus from his system with the help of Avast antivirus, however after removing the virus, the computer has run into another issue. The issue is that when the user tries to open an application like Calculator on Windows, the application does not open and produces error messages. To understand the reason behind the error and solve the issue, he tried the help of the internet. The internet suggested that this error might happen due to missing DLL and to correct the error, the user needs to apply some manual fixes to the Windows Registry. The user did not have sufficient ability on the matter of computer and he did not carry out the manual fixes.

Issues in opening a .PDF documents:

A user has Windows 7 on his computer and uses Internet Explorer 10 for browsing the internet. When the user clicks on the link that will open a .PDF document on the computer, she gets a message that the computer is unable to open the file because of some dll missing file. To correct this issue, the user reinstalled the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. But this could not solve the error. The user needs an efficient DLL error fixer which can solve the error in no time. The internet host a long list of such DLL fixer software, but the user needs to download only the most reliable of them.

Solving the error:

To correct the errors related to dll file missing, the given users can use the reliable DLL Suite. This application is one of the most trustworthy DLL error removing tools available in the market. This application downloads the missing DLL files from a reliable source for free and side by side re-registers these newly downloaded files in the Windows Registry. An easy to use application, this DLL error fixing tool is available in 23 different languages and is compatible with over 75 versions of Microsoft Windows.

This tool is the one and only tool that can solve the errors of DLL files in such an easy way.

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