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Issues with DLLs and their fixes

When using a computer, you can come across some errors. These errors make the applications installed in the computer stop abruptly and in many cases lead to its crash. These errors are caused mostly due to some issues in the DLL. The issues can range from incorrect or corrupt DLL to missing or not found DLL errors in the Windows Registry. These errors in the DLL happen mostly when a newly installed application modifies the important protected files in the Windows Registry incorrectly. Also, a defective hardware attached to the computer can cause the issues in the DLL files. Even a virus or malware can manipulate the Windows Registry to cause possible DLL related errors. So you need to fix DLL errors as quickly as possible. Here are some of the instances where you can face problems due to DLL errors:

Issues in running Microsoft Office Suite:

If you have Windows 10 installed on your system and your computer crashes often while using Microsoft Office Suite Applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook, then it can be probably due to some issues in the Windows Registry. In most of the cases, the error in the MsVCR80.DLL is the reason behind this issue. You can do the following steps to fix DLL error but it might not solve the error:

Do a clean removal and then reinstallation of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Install a fresh copy of Microsoft Visual C++.

Update Windows and the drivers of the computer.

What you need is efficient DLL error fix software which can solve the error in no time.

Issues in running Google Chrome:

Let's assume you have a Dell XPS laptop with Windows 10 operating system which came pre-installed with it. Now every time you try to run the Google Chrome browser on the laptop, the browser crashes unexpectedly. A little search on the internet may point to you that this error can happen mostly when the ntdll.dll is corrupted or goes missing from the Windows Registry. You can remove and then reinstall the Google Chrome application to repair dll problems. Also, sign in into the Google browser with another user account. You can update the drivers installed on your computer or it can even update your Windows. If you are lucky, then these methods can probably solve your problem. But sometimes these quick fixes are unable to solve the error.

Issues in using Windows Live Mail:

If you use Windows Live Mail for your emailing needs and are using a computer with Windows XP operating system, then you must know about the error 0x80072EFF. In this error, you are unable to send and receive emails on your email account through the Windows Live Mail email client. The error may happen due to several reasons like issues in the initpki.dll or Sccbase.dll files. To repair dll problem, can do a clean installation of the email client. Or it can install a reliable DLL error solving software which can take care of all your DLL related worries.

Issues in Running Several Applications on Windows 7:

Sometimes your computer with Windows 7 operating system runs into various issues due to conflicts with the DLL files. These applications may crash during launch or can face serious performance related issues due to this conflict. The application like Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft PowerPoint etc can be affected by the conflict of the DLL like kernelbase.dll. To fix these DLL related issues, you can reinstall Windows into your computer to solve the error, but on several occasions, it might not be able to solve the error.

Correction of the issue:

To resolve dll issues on your computer, you can use one of the most popular DLL error fixer - DLL Suite. Some of the key features of thisDLL error fixing software are:

Correct the DLL: this tool corrects the incorrect or missing DLL by downloading them from a trusted source.

Re-registers the DLL: this tool on the side re-registers the DLL in the Windows Registry. This saves a lot of time for the novice user who does not know much about registering the DLL files in the registry log of the computer.

Easy to use: specially meant for a non-technical user, this tool is very easy to use.

Large language base: this application is available in 23 different languages.

Compatible with over 75 versions of Windows

You can download this application from its official website without any hassles and run it to solve the issues present on your computer related to the DLL files present in the Windows Registry. This tool is an all in all application for DLL error correction.

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