Kernel32 dll was not found

The error related to 'Kernel32 DLL is missing' can be corrected with the help of DLL Suite.

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Issues with Kernel32.DLL and their correction

The DLL is a very important constituent of the computer. It monitors and controls the operations of the computer for the benefit of the user. However, this tool sometimes gets corrupted or damaged due to some improper handling or faulty installation or removal of the software, making the computer slow and unproductive. One of the errors related to DLL is 'Kernel32 DLL not found' where the programs installed in the computer become unresponsive and do not respond the tasks assigned to them. Here are few occasions where the errors related to Kernel32.DLL have caused problems for the user.

Problem in running the Internet Explorer:

Sometimes the Internet Explorer faces different issues after an upgrade and causes troubles for the user. May has a computer with Windows 7 Professional. She used Internet Explorer 8 for her internet related needs. One day the Windows upgraded the Internet Explorer application installed in her system, and the problems began after that. Now she could not open Internet Explorer due to 'Kernel32 DLL was not found' error. She tried to correct this issue by resetting the Advanced Tab found in the 'Internet Options' section of the Internet Explorer. But the issue could not be resolved. She even tried to completely remove the Internet Explorer 11 and then reinstall it. However, nothing could solve the issue and her computer could not open her browser. The other browsers installed in her system - Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox - are free from such errors and are running perfectly fine.

Issues with the Fresh Paint application from Microsoft:

The application Fresh Paint from Microsoft is painting software. Sometimes some errors in the DLL like the 'Kernel32 DLL is missing' can make the application go corrupt. Something like this happened to Maria from Madrid. She uses a notebook from Samsung with Windows 8 as the operating system. She uses Fresh Paint application for recreational purposes quite often. The problem started when some of the features of the application did not work and later on, the application crashed. To solve the Kernel32.DLL error, Maria removed and installed the application 'Fresh Paint' several times. But that did not solve the issue. She needs a good error removing software which can solve the issue in no time.

Issues while installing Norton Antivirus:

Sometimes the errors can cause problems in the installation of different applications. Like Sven from New York faced issues while installing Norton Antivirus on his computer running on Windows XP. The error message pointed toward some missing Kernel32.DLL elements and stated that the Kernel32.DLL was not found in the system. Sven needs a strong missing DLL error fixer to solve the matter.

Solution to the issue:

To solve the issues related to 'Kernel32.DLL is missing' error, the given users can use the DLL Suite application. This application not only fixes the errors related to Kernel32.DLL but also solves the other DLL related issues in no time. This DLL error solving tool is the answer to all DLL related problems.

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