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Kernel32.dll errors and how to fix them

Computer errors are a consequence of system files getting corrupted or going missing. Again, the computer is filled with hundreds and thousands of such files, each responsible for different tasks. Hence, it is clearly understood that if a file responsible for any important function becomes compromised, then the system will encounter severe error instances.

This read will focus on how problems with Kernel32 dll file can relate to severe system issues. Now, besides all the examples that will be provided below, there are plenty of other computer errors that can happen due to this file. However, this should be sufficient to formulate an overall idea on the matter.

Corel Visual Studio has Stopped Working

Corel Visual Studio is a video editing software for Windows computers. In general, the application is quite stable, but error instances are bound to occur if there are faults with the system file. For example, here is an issue on how a corrupted kernel32.dll caused the app to crash. There are reported cases of app crashes, regarding Corel Visual Studio.

However, there is no error message in particular associated with the app crashes. To access the reason, users have to head on over to the event viewer. It is a dedicated event log for Windows accessible through the search bar in the start menu. Now from there, the people who have experienced this issue mentioned getting exception code c06d007e along with faulting module as dll kernel32.

Internet Explorer 10 is Crashing

Internet Explorer is the default browser that comes bundled in with Windows operating system. Since most people don't like browsing for alternative software, IE has managed to gather around a large enough user base. Again, sticking to default apps and refraining from installing third party software can also safeguard users from system malfunctions. However, there can still be problems with default software if some core system file is affected.

For example, there is quite a large number of error reports from users complaining about app crash problems with IE 10. This issues was also caused due to the kernel32.dll file.

Problem Playing Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is a 2D plat-forming game. The game is not known to be buggy or erroneous but like before, application software will reflect issues present in the system software. Thus while playing the game, users can experience app crashes quite similar to the previous case. On further analysis, through the event viewer more insight on the matter can be obtained.

Now, a multiple number of files if compromised can cause app crash issues for any application. Same goes for the game in context. However, as per most of the complaints received from gamers, higher number of reports signal issues with Kernel32 dll. Now unless the user learns how to solve this kernel32.dll problem, the game will keep experiencing app crash incidents.

Mal-performance with Excel 2016

One of the key methods of diagnosing the cause of an error issues is by noticing what causes it. Hence if the error is caused when a file is opened, then there might be problem with files associated with the execution process. Again, if the error shows up while using a feature, then the problem might be with the file involved with that specific feature.

Now here is another issue regarding kernel32 dll file with Microsoft Office Excel 2016. Users reported experiencing app crashes right after clicking the files menu. Besides this, the app worked fine throughout. Now, judging by all the above issues mentioned here too, it is important to know how to solve the kernel32.dll issues to fix the problem.

OneDrive Has Stopped Working

OneDrive is a cloud storage service developed by Microsoft. It is available as an online service as well as a desktop app. Users can drag and drop files using the desktop app and all those files would get uploaded to the cloud. The same philosophy applies with uploaded files to the cloud and accessing them through the desktop app. However, sometimes the desktop OneDrive app can experience continuous app crashes which can inhibit this synchronization process.

This is another issue which is a direct result of a compromised kernel32.dll file. And unless the user learns how to resolve this kernel32 dll file issues, all these problems will persist.

How to Solve Kernel32.dll Errors?

Users can set their eyes on the web for solutions on how to fix these kernel32 dll errors. In fact, the internet is filled with random websites boasting do-it-yourself guides to solve these issues. However, most of the solutions demand the user to have comprehensive computer know-how. Hence for the regular computer users, it is always a better idea to use a software based solution for the problem. For example, installing a software like DLL Suite can prove to be extremely helpful while fixing these DLL problems.

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