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When dll errors pop up, the instant reaction of many users would be how to fix it fast and make the application work again. To repair dll, one does not need to have extensive knowledge about the Dynamic Link Library files, but yes, a good understanding about the subject is required. Therefore, a read through this article is certainly advisable.

Errors in Google Chrome

Being one of the fastest and the most secure web browser, Google Chrome is used by plenty of users. One uses this application to surf the internet, look into different websites and so on. However, this application too can get the user in trouble. At times, it has been found that this application just stops working and crashes giving out an error message. The error message reads that access is denied to the application due to the apcrtldr.dll. After this, as the error starts popping up, the Google Chrome will just stop working and won't open at all. Performing a Clean Boot is not a solution to the problem. One needs to fix dll for resolving the issue.

Unable to play any games

There are plenty of game lovers all around. However, issues might be faced when one is trying to play games after the system took an update. Whenever the user tries to open a game like The Sims 3 and tries to start the program, the error message pops up. As soon as the error comes up, the application shuts down again. This is a frequent affair and repeats itself. The error message is the d3d9.dll file which is missing from the system. After the user researched and found out the actual problem behind the error message, downloading the DIRECTX file was recommended. The user did as prescribed, but that did not work and the only answer is the dll repair.

Unknown error message after the system is switched on

When the user was using the Windows XP system, the InetClnt.dll error immediately sprung up. This was not a start up error, as it appeared after quite some time. This error was related to the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks is usually used by accountants to keep the track of a company's financial activity. The repeated error message is an indication that something is grossly wrong with the software and it needs to be fixed. If one tries to reinstall the software and think that would fix the issue, then probably this is not a permanent fix. Here, the specific dll module needs repair; otherwise the problem will stay back and recur again and again.

Skype installation issues

Skype application is mainly used for business purposes by users. One may use this application to send text messages and also for video conferences, as they would prefer. At times, while one tries to download the application, the user may find that the application is acting stubborn and would send out errors, but will not get installed. The msisip.dll is the error message that pops up saying that the program will not run in the operating system. One needs to install the program from an original platform. Well, the user followed as per the instructions, but it did not resolve the problem much.

Errors in Windows Live Mail

When the user tried to work with the mailing application Windows Live Mail, there were problems with the program. All of a sudden, the application stops working and one cannot send or receive any mails. If the user attempted to send a mail with or without attachments, then an error message will come up saying the ms.mail.dll is the corrupted file that is causing the trouble. To resolve the problem, the application was uninstalled and then again reinstalled, but the problem persisted. The issue here might be linked with the Windows registry that needs to be fixed.

Microsoft Office Excel crashed

Being in an office, the user wished to use the Microsoft Office Excel application. The problem occurred, whenever the person tried to open the application, it opened and within a minute, the application crashed. The user decided to look into the Event Viewer from the start menu and decide about the problem. It was quite apparent from the event log that the problem was with the excel.exe application and the oart.dll was the corrupted file that needed to be fixed.

The best fixer

Although all these problems needs to be addressed on an immediate basis, but one needs to make sure that it does not hamper the system. The manual methods that many may advise are not to be trusted. It can lead to damaging the PC when handled by a novice. This is the reason why experts recommend one to try out the DLL SUITE for dll fix. The software is certainly worth it, as it instantly repairs corrupted dll files and re-registers new dll downloads into the registry. Users who have installed this software are all praises for the fixer tool!

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